Sunday, August 2, 2009

Box o' Wine

 I've been wanting to try the Bota Box for a long time.  I keep seeing segments raving about it on the Today show.  Yesterday, I tried it, and in a big way.

My hubby has been a lover of boxed wine for years.  In college he drank a whole box of Franzia to himself, went home, and then peed all over his roommate'saccounting notes.  Yet, I refused to drink box of wine.

When I was younger, and my income came from babysitting, I remember many of the houses that watched children in had a box of Franzia on top of the fridge.  How classy huh?  Though I've never tried it, I simply refuse.  I hated the idea that I may grow up to become someone that stores their wine on the top of the a box. 

However, in recent years, wine in a box has been classed up a bit, due to the whole green initiative (which I am a huge fan of).  So...I decided to give it a try.  I still refuse to drink Franzia....but Pinot from a box couldn't hurt right?

Let me tell you, for 15.99 this little Bota Box is a steal.  The Pinot tasted delicious, maybe even too delicious.  I'm usually a fan of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, but this little box of wine was just as good.  Dangerous, but delicious.  I give it an A+.

In case you are wondering, this cute little box of wine (although almost empty...sadly) is tucked away nicely in my fridge, not on top (thank you very much!) 
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