Friday, July 30, 2010

The True Falafel King......

Wednesday, I only worked a until 1:30. The Wednesday that falls the week after we are on call is deemed our post call 1/2 day. Since I get in at 8:30, my "half" day begins at one thirty (and I don't get to take a lunch). I always thought that half of eight was four, but apparently my boss thinks otherwise (my last sarcastic remark about the half day). Anyways, yesterday after I left work I met Hubs for lunch in Boston.

His new lunch obsession is the Falafel King on Winter Street. I have apparently been by this place so many times and would have never noticed it. It's in Downtown Crossing basically across the street from Finagle a Bagel. I should have taken a picture, but at that point, I was concentrating on eating. We went into the little mall area thingy and ordered. Both Hubs and I got the combination Falafel wrap with hummus. I just ordered what Hubs got cause he's the pro at Falafel King. The man who made our sandwiches (I don't know if it was the Falafel king himself or not) gave us each a falafel dipped in hummus to eat while we were waiting. It was DELISH! Once we had our sandwiches we walked down towards South Station to sit in front of Hubs building to eat. They have a nice outdoor sitting area in front of his building because the downstairs houses a Cosi and a Bolocco.
The Falafel King was soooo good! I understand now why hubby loves it so much. I felt so full halfway through eating it, but like with every good vegetarian meal (I've found), it's not a disgusting full feeling.

Eventually, and unfortunately, Hubs had to go back to work. I had decided, instead of rushing home, I was going to go and check out Win-Mil Fabrics and Windsor Button, since I was downtown already. I had pointed out Chauncy Street to Hubs on the way down to his building (after purchasing falafel king), which is where Win-Mil Fabrics is located. He was less than thrilled that I was planning on going down there. He said he really didn't want me going into Chinatown by myself. I said I wouldn't. Truthfully, I didn't go into Chinatown. I think the store was just at the tippity top of Chinatown, and I felt safe. No bubbles.

Win-Mil Fabrics was a bit smaller than I expected. It reminded me of the fabric store that I usually go to in Dorchester, Sew Fisticated Fabrics. There was a large selection of knit prints. I definitely would go back next time I have a knit project to do. The other thing I loved about Win-Mil Fabrics was that in the back, they had a huge display of old patterns for a $1 (or $5 for Vogue). I spent a good 45 minutes there just poking through the patterns. Some of the patterns were really old, and others were more recent. I was looking for a specific Hillary Duff McCalls Pattern I should have bought, and a fun pattern from the eighties for a romper. I didn't find either. But, at least I know that the old patterns are there. I know I'll be back to peruse them again.

After Win-Mil I walked back up towards the common to Windsor Button. Once I turned onto Temple Place I couldn't believe I had never seen this store before. I walked into Windsor Button and my jaw dropped. This store was a candy store for the crafter (where they will never get fat). I took a really long browse around the store. There was tons of yarn, and all the needles that I could ever want. Sewing supplies were abundant, including interfacing and the 3" black elastic I've been relentlessly searching for. I didn't buy anything, but I was super excited. Usually, to get my sewing notions I have to go down to Joanns in Hanover. It's basically a pain because of the traffic on route three. Now that I've been to Windsor Button I never have to go to Joann's for a notion again! Windsor is super convenient too, since Hubs works down the street, and I have to go through Boston everyday to get to and from work.

So excited that I decided to do this little trip on Wednesday. It was super relaxing, and now my mind is filled with wide elastic and the skirts that I can make from it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thinking about July

So far, this week's been quite a doosey. My mother in law went to Ireland on Sunday, to visit her mother, for two weeks. My Father, Brother, Sister and Doggie Sister in law all stayed behind. Sadly, they are helpless without their Mom. I don't know how she does it, but she's got control of everything in that house, and it's all falling apart without her. I've been doing my best to pick up the pieces. I can tell you now for sure that I know that I can handle motherhood. I mean, if I can take care of a sick 17 year old, and a hungry 67 year old, I'm sure I can take care of a crying infant. I'm exhausted.

Despite the fact that I'm exhausted, my mind just won't quiet. I can't stop thinking about Christmas. Since we're going to Florida for Christmas, I've been thinking about it non stop. I want to sew some clothes for the trip, but also, in the back of my mind, I'm thinking I may want to make a quit for my mother in law for Christmas. She's terrible to shop for, cause she basically has everything she wants, but she goes crazy for homemade things. I was looking around on the internet this morning and stumbled upon these ideas:

This weekend, if it ever comes, I want to finally start and finish a project that I've been thinking about for YEARS. Maybe four years ago my mother in law was watching this old lady while she was in hospice. She didn't really have any other family, and Sally (my mother in law) had taken care of her when she was sick. When she died, Sally helped clean out her apartment, and brought me a ton of the house things that no one else wanted. A lot of it was good stuff, and I was just starting out on my own so I gladly accepted it. One of the things she brought me was this tray:

I like the idea of the tray, but I'm not crazy about the color or the design. For awhile I thought I would do a mosaic on the top. I even saved all kinds of plates to break into mosaic pieces. But that's not going to happen. I'm thinking now maybe I'll prime it and spray paint it. Maybe I could even make a stencil on it to add some appeal. We'll see what I come up with.

Monday, July 26, 2010

This Weekends Achievement

I have been so excited to blog today about my latest sewing project!  I was dying to make the entry earlier, at work, but the pictures hadn't been uploaded yet.  A blog entry about a sewing project without pictures is just I waited.  Finally, the wait is over!

This weekend I made a skirt.  Interestingly enough I really haven't made very many skirts.  I tend to gravitate towards dresses.  Last year, in an attempt to sew more, I had bought some navy blue linen to make a pair of shorts.  I only needed a yard of the fabric to make the shorts.  Of course, I never made them, and the fabric was still just laying around in the office. 

Thursday night inspiration hit me and I decided to use the fabric to make a skirt for work.  I didn't have quite enough of the fabric, so I made the pocket facing out scraps from the polka dot sundress I made earlier in the summer.  I should have done the waistband facing in the polka dot too, but I didn't think of it till I was walking up to the gym today.  At that point, I was wearing the skirt, and it was way too late.

I am so incredibly proud of how the skirt came out.  I think it's my best project so far.  It's by far the best constructed project I've made so far (even though it still does have a few flaws), and it actually fits me well.  I wore it today, and think it's going to be a staple in my wardrobe. 

Okay....picture time!!

It's kinda hard to see the detail in the skirt in this picture.  It's got a curved yoke and pleats in the front.  It's easier to see in the close up below:

My absolute favorite part of the skirt is the pockets.  The facing is just so cute.  No one can see the pocket facings when I'm wearing it, but I don't care, cause I know it's there.

Finally, the fabric had frayed a lot while it was sitting in the office waiting to be cut into something. If it frayed just sitting there doing nothing I knew it wouldn't be able to sustain repeated washing.  I decided to take the extra time to finish the seams.  It would have been way easier if I had a serger (I think I want one).  I like the way they turned out.  They definitely give the project a way more finished look.
Voila!! What do you think? 

My next project is a floral tank top that buttons up the back.  It's all pinned out.  Hopefully, I can get it marked and cut out before Thursday :) Work is so getting in the way of my sewing.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update: I didn't die in the 5 miler after all!

I'm up early this morning (early considering I went to bed at 3am) because I had to do some work for my job.  I'm on call this weekend so I got stuck with the early morning work assignment.  Oh how I hate being on call.  Anyways, I figured since I was up and on the computer I might as well blog. 

Thursday, I ran the Marathon Sports Weston 5 miler.  I was super nervous, but it ended up being really fun.  I ran slow, but kept it up the entire way.  I was pretty sure going into the race that I was going to have to walk a little bit, but I didn't.  I was so proud of myself!!  The course in Weston was absolutely amazing.  We got to run in a few neighborhoods around the high school, and the houses were gorgeous.  Weston is a pretty wealthy town as far as towns in Massachusetts goes.  I think maybe I want live there when I grow up. 

I finished the race in just over 58 minutes....which  I don't think is too shabby.  Hubs and Guinness were waiting at the finish line for me.  They snapped these pics of me finishing:

I just look like a speed demon right? 

When I got home I was feeling pretty saucy, so I had Hubs take my picture in the horrendously ugly t shirt that I got for running.
It's actually a nice shirt, but the color is intensely ugly. 

Well, that's it for now.  I'm going to try to wake Hubby and Jefe up (he came over to entertain Hubs while I was sewing).  I'm hungry!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mid afternoon boredom

It's 2 o'clock and I am having a midday attack of the "I wish I didn't work for a living"s. It's moments like this, when I really don't feel like any of my work is either interesting or important, that I wonder what it would be like to be born wealthy. In college Hubs (then boyfriend), Jefe and I would religiously watch Rich Girls on MTV. Rich Girls was the "reality" show about rich girls (hahah, funny right) Ali Hilfiger and Jaime Gleicher. They were still in high school when the show aired, but anyone watching would never know. When they went out to eat they were served drinks just like everyone else. Ali worked for her dad and produced a line of clothing for Tommy Jeans one season (I think). In one episode, Jaime spent 5,000 dollars at Bed Bath and Beyond on stuff for her college dorm. Another episode highlighted Ali's superficial life breakdown while cooking a burrito ("I just want the meat with the cheese and the bean!"). Anyways, back to my point, I always think about that show (or the several thousand like it now, real and scripted) when I'm having a mid work I don't want to work attack. The Rich Girls lives are so different than mine, it seems like so much fun. I think I could never get bored of spending money, going out to eat and exercising. I could blog all day! Hey, maybe I would even know someone in the publishing industry and I could get a book published (even if I had no idea how to write! Have you read some of the books by celebrity authors? That's a whole other blog topic). But would it really be all the fun it looks like? Maybe at 2 o'clock on weekdays Ali and Jaime sit down and stare into space wishing they were stuck in a basement office looking over patches to get ready for the next software update coming to the software system they dream of supporting? Nah...that would never happen.

Anyways, I'm running my 5 miler today in Weston. I'm a mix of nervous and excited. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to be able to run the whole thing. I tried to run five miles straight on Tuesday and it was a mess. But, I'm not going to worry about walking, I'm just going to have fun. I'm number 491, and got this horrid lime green shirt to commemorate the race. I will wear it proudly .....never. Hubs and Guin are going to come and watch me finish. I'm so excited. Guinness loves running (though he calls it zoomies).

I told Hubs to bring the camera, so hopefully I'll have some great pictures to update with tomorrow. For now, I'll leave you with a picture of Guinness, cause honestly, I don't think a cuter dog exists.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Patio Furniture Redo

I had been dying for a new patio set since we moved into our new, and current, apartment last year.  Our set was old, and weathered cause we hadn't really taken care of it.  I combed the sales.  Looked at Target and Ikea, but just couldn't seem to find anything that was nice and affordable.  I really really didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars for a patio set for an apartment with barely any backyard.  
Patio Furniture: Before
 Then I had a idea, well, really, it was a stroke of genius.  The patio set we had, while it looked kinda tired, was still structurally sound, why not just repaint it??   I got Hubs all psyched up about the idea.  I convinced him that a fresh new patio set would compliment his barbecue grill (which is his pride and joy). 
So, off to Home Depot we went to get spray paint and sandpaper.  We decided to redo everything in an island theme.  We went to the Bahamas on our honeymoon, and have been obsessed with the islands ever since.  After much discussion we settled on a blue color for the wood, and a coppery color for the metal pieces.  
Hubs and I put the tarp down in the driveway and started working.  It was a fabulous Saturday for a project.  I washed down all the pieces, and started taking them apart.  We painted each slat of wood and each metal part separately instead of dealing with tape.  We got the bench and the coffee table sprayed and then ran out of paint.  Hubs ran to the store to get more, asking on the way out what colors to get. Did I tell him the wrong coppery color to get? Absolutely!   He was upset.  "Measure Twice, Cut Once Marge"!!, he told me (I'm always making those kind of mistakes...what can I say....I'm blond).  Instead of getting the coppery colored spray paint we got a gold color.  I insisted that it would look okay, convinced him of it and we sprayed just the chairs in this goldish color.  
Once everything came together Hubs realized I was right.  You can barely notice the difference in the colors, and if you do, it's complimentary.  The patio furniture itself looks new, and ready to enjoy life again, and to think, the whole project was less than 30 dollars!! What do you think?
Patio Furniture: After
I've been following the CSI Project blog for months now, loving all the projects that people post, but never posting my own.  I decided to link up today, since the theme is furniture makeover. I've linked here


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I've been looking around on the Internet lately.  I'm in the nesting mood, and really want to pretty up my apartment. We've been in the apartment for maybe a year and a half, which is just over my waiting period for hanging stuff up.  I always wait a year before I hang lots of curtains or art on the wall.  For the first year we operate with just the basics in our apartments, just in case we need to leave in a hurry one night.....

In my Internet searching I've found tons of stuff I love, but here's a few of my favorites:
 I'm in LOVE with this lamp!  Well, to be honest, I'm in love with it except for the little cup at the top.  I feel like there has to be a way that I can craft this.  It would fit perfectly into my house since I have a known obsession with teacups and pots.
 I love art that is monochromatic.  This would look beautiful in our Bedroom.  If I had any sort of drawing capabilities I would try, but I just don't.  When I was younger I forced it , I swore to myself I could draw, but now that I've grown older I've accepted it. Its better for everyone this way.
 I'm actually pretty sure that Hubs would hate this shower curtain.  I think he could learn to love it though, in time.  It's so full and fun.  We have a small bathroom, although, not as small as our last apartment.  I think it would really add some spice to the room .
 I love this pillow.  It's actually made from an old T shirt and an old button up shirt.  I think it would look great in the bedroom.  Maybe we'd actually make the bed if we had nice pillows to put on it (somehow I think we still wouldn't).
Can you tell I've been looking at a lot of pillows lately.  I think this bunting idea is adorable, though I would never be able to make it in white.  This would be a great way to add a cute bunting to the apartment without having to take up wall space though. 

Okay, that's it.  I'm off for my almost 5 mile practice run (or as I like to call it....death).  Wish me Luck!

My Five Miler Folly

I signed up a few months ago, at the instance of one of my coworkers to run a 5 miler. I usually run only 3 miles, maybe 4 tops, but figured it was a month or two ahead that I would have time to train for it. Try again. It's on Thursday, this Thursday, and I haven't run five miles in about a month and a half. Up until I signed up for this race I was running three miles at least three days a week. But, for some reason, after signing up for a five mile race I decided it would be a good idea to switch to the elliptical. It started because I was reading a good book and wanted to finish it. Running and reading is just plain dangerous, but reading and the elliptical is a fabulous combination. Once that book was done I started another one, and really couldn't put that down either. I only started running again last week, and I am seriously freaked out for Thursday. Yesterday, I ran 3.5 miles during my lunch break and almost died. I was sweating from every possible orifice of my body. My face was red, and my makeup smeared (I know...that's my fault for running in makeup). It was gross, and it didn't stop after the shower.

Today, I'm going for a practice almost five miler after work with the same co-worker that I'm running the race with. I'm super nervous. I love running, but know myself well enough to admit that I'm not a really good runner. Hopefully, I'll make it through and will be able to update all about it tonight. Maybe I'll even catch a picture of myself in the heat of the run, so you can see with your own eyes how absolutely disgusting I look when I exercise. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Little Piece of a Glass!

I love Sangria, white or red, I just love it.  Hubs surprised me on Saturday with the idea to make some for our drinking pleasure in the afternoon.  It came out absolutely awesome.  We had glass after glass of it while playing Lego Harry Potter on the Xbox.  I couldn't have been happier.  I mean, what is better than sangria, a nice buzz and Harry Potter?

Since it was so good, I thought I'd share the recipe.  But, sadly when I asked Hubs what the recipe was, he hadn't saved it.  Too Funny.  I asked what would happen if we wanted to make it again and he said we could just google "Blackberry Sangria".  If only it was that easy, but I just don't think it is.

It was really good, and I wish I could share the recipe with you, but since Hubs didn't save it, you'll just have to trust me.  Delicious!

This dress is sooooo 2005

I had felt like sewing all week. I really wanted to start something new, but I knew I shouldn't. I decided that I needed to work on some old and unfinished projects before I could start anything else. I have a bunch of old projects tucked away in the office. Some of them are simply fabric with a purpose, but others are cut out and sewed a bit, and then tossed aside. Yesterday, I decided to work on a dress that I started on in about 2005. I sewed the bodice and then my interest fizzled. I think I was always concerned about the fabric that I picked out. A ton has happened in my life since this dress was cut out in the summer of 2005. I got engaged, and then married (a whole two years in between), got braces and lost thirty pounds, then gained it all back (and more....devastatingly). I got a puppy, moved into a new apartment, got a new car, a new job, grew my hair out and lost a few close friends. Seriously, a lot has happened, and all that time my poor dress was stuffed into a bag......somewhere.
So, yesterday I took the dress out and started sewing. The bodice was completely done, and most of the skirt had already been sewn together. I just had to iron it before I started. Four-ish years in a bag creates some nasty wrinkles I'm telling you! Then I got to sewing. Honestly, it probably only took me about an hour and a half to finish it enough to try it on.
Sadly, when I tried it on it was too big in the chest (of course there really isn't much up there). I did a little creative, my dress is already done and the bodice lined so I can't really take it in the right way, modifications.
I think despite being a little big it looks cute and retro.

I wore it to work today, and it seems that the material is the kind that stretches a little after wearing. It's a little bit bigger than when I put it on this morning, which makes me sad. I'm wearing a cardigan over it, so at least it's hidden, but I may have to go back in and try to alter some more. Any ideas as to what I can do to take it in any more in the sides? I'm at a loss, but the moral to this story is definitely don't wait four years to finish a sewing project, cause chances are it will either be too big or too small :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oops forgot to mention....

My sunburn from last weekend is peeling now.....bad. I look like a freak (especially since I've been scratching)

Put the Lime in the Coconut...

It was hot hot hot in Boston today. Hubs and I have been running the air conditioning non- stop (Guinness insists). We even have an electric fan in the bedroom that we point on us to simulate the perfect sleeping weather. I'm so glad that Hubs pays the bills now, cause I don't think I want to see what we are owing the electric company this month.
This morning I got up and started working in my toilet paper roll project. I had been saving them for months and they were really cluttering up the office. In an effort to clean up that room (it's a constant battle) I figured I'd better just do the damn project already. Last night I measured out one inch sections on each of the rolls and cut them out. I put them in a Macys bag and it looked like craziness.
This morning I really wanted to sleep in, but Guin had other ideas. He really wanted to go out and pee (not in the wet grass, he peed on a flagstone after I literally dragged him off the porch). After our jaunt outside I just couldn't sleep and decided to getup and start making my toilet paper flowers.

I was going to finish putting it together, but my hunger and need for coffee was strong. I had to wake up Hubs.
We got up, got breakfast and decided to go to the mall and pay some of my bills. We always park in front of Nordstroms. I convince him that the lot is less crowded there but it's really just a ploy to walk through the store. I'm pretty sure he sees through my scheme anyways. Today I found a way to walk through the purse section, and I fell in love. Two hundred and ninety five dollars isn't too much when you are talking about love at first site right?

I soooo want that bag for winter.
After the mall Hubs decide it was time to make some sangria and hang out at home for the day. I wasn't arguing. I love sangria and we had bought Lego rockband!!
What a day. Doesn't sound like much, but nothing beats not having to go anywhere on the weekend and just hanging out with the ones you love. Plus, it's a fabulous weekend already and we have a whole other day to look forward to. Nothing can beat that!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The meaning of headphones

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but just in case, I take the train to and from work. Most of the time this arrangement really works out for me. Somedays, like today in particular, I wish to God that I drove my car.

It's hot in Boston today. Really hot. They said on the weather this morning that it was the first day of a four day, 90 degree, heat wave. I usually don't mind the heat that much on a workday because I'm stuck in the bowels of the hospital in an overly air conditioned "office", but today is a home game day for the Red Sox. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the Red Sox as much as any other Bostonian, but now that I ride the green line to work, my love has been tainted. My line of the Green line stops at Fenway. On game days my train is completely packed by the time I get on (which is the second stop from the end). Imagine being crammed into a train car with rowdy red sox fans for a hour long trip into Boston. Now, imagine they are hot, sweaty and smelly. This is the hell I had to look forward to on my ride home today.

I tried to push the thought of all the smelly sox fans out of my mind while I walked to the train. I put in my headphones and turned on my iPod. I do this partially to relax and partially to make sure no one would talk to me. In the unspoken language of the train commuter headphones mean "I do this everyday and I am not interested in being your friend. I just want to get to work/home.". Somehow this NEVER works for me!! People still insist on talking to me, ignoring the fact that I am listening to music and can't hear a thing they are saying.
This exact phenomena happened today. An older couple stopped me and asked me where some street in Newton was. First of all, I don't know where anything is in Newton. Secondly, I didn't hear the street name CAUSE I HAD MY HEADPHONES ON!! They were so not happy to hear that I couldn't help them and sped off in a huff.

I'm pretty friendly most of the time, basically always really, just please don't talk to me when I am wearing my headphones. When the headphones are on I'm in musicland :)

Big Weekend guys (clap...hands rubbing together), big weekend!

Hubs and I have absolutely no plans this weekend. Praise the Lord!! I've been dying to do some crafty projects lately, but we've been so busy on the weekends. I've attempted to do some sewing during the week before, and it just hasn't worked out well. By the time I get home and eat it's already eight. Hubs usually wants to watch stuff that we have taped on the DVD so that we don't run out of space. Running out of space on our DVR is a constant concern since we are busy and record in HD. After work this week I've been pouring over my patterns and trying to plan out what I want to make for Florida.

This weekend I've decided to have a crafting and sewing marathon! In the sewing portion of the marathon I have two dresses that I've started and never finished. Both dresses are nearly done, but just need a little work. One dress is a casual polka dotted number that I started last year. The other is a pink and white seersucker sundress that I started before we got married. I actually think I started it before we got engaged, which means it's at least four years old. Thankfully I'm basically the same size I was four years ago. I'm pretty sure that the bodice on that dress is completely done and all I need is to sew on the skirt, do the zipper and hem. There was some ribbon detail on the front that I could do, if I so decide. I'm pretty sure I bought the stuff for it. Actually, I still need to hem my paisley dress. I'm going to try out a baby hem on that dress. I saw a tutorial on BurdaStyle (love that site) the other day for a baby hem, and think it will go great with this dress.

Once I FINALLY finish those dresses, I have fabric bought for a pair of canvas shorts. I'll start on those. I also have some sheer fabric that I bought to make an Anthro inspired tank top. I tried to do the tank without a pattern and it just didn't turn out. But, I have a racer back tank top pattern now, so I'm going to try again.

In addition to all the sewing there's a paper craft that I saw on this blog : that I've been saving toilet paper and paper towel rolls for. I'm planning on working on that this weekend too. I have a TON of toilet/paper towel rolls since I've been asking my mom to save them too. Maybe I'll work on marking them out tonight (they all have to be cut to the same measurement) and cutting them into rings. Tomorrow, before the sewing starts I'll glue them up into flowers, and then arrange. I'm thinking I may spray paint them black so that it looks like wrought irons. I'll wait on that though till I see them. I'd imagine it's kinda like naming a baby. You can pick out a bunch of names, but until you see the baby, you can't be completely sure what name will go best for them.

Lots of picture updates to come!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Favorites: Guinness

Sometimes, when I really stop to think about it, the last few weeks of my life, really the entire month of July, has been like walking through a tornado (figuratively speaking of course). I can't say that July has been my best month ever. There's been a lot of drama and anxiety, and sadly a few too many tears. Yesterday, one of my co-workers, the only one that is even close to my age, gave his notice. There's only four people in my department. It really didn't help to raise the mood level of the month.

This morning, when I was thinking about what I was going to write about in the blog today, I was just coming up with blanks. I've been doing tons of thinking about sewing, but haven't actually sewed anything for a bit. I'm planning for a big craft marathon this weekend:) Once I got to work, I got a little frustrated and decided to write a blog article about my pet peeves. The first one, and the impetus for the entire article, was going to be when you are in a room and people talk about you like you aren't there. Boy, does that make me wild with anger. After a few minutes, when I cooled down, it just seemed a little too negative of a topic, for a place that I try to keep negativity free. I asked Hubby what I should write about. He said to write another favorites article.

I figured it was a good idea, maybe it would even get me in the positive thinking mood. I thought to myself, what favorite should I write about? During my gym shower I started to think about topics for the favorites article. Maybe I should write about running. I do love running, but this week I've been less than stellar, so I decided to wait. I thought maybe I'd write about ice cream on a cone with jimmies, my perennial favorite summer treat. I've already wrote about ice cream though, so I tossed that idea too. Then I thought "wonder what Guinness is doing at home now"....and struck gold. Guinness!! I had found my article topic! Enlightenment....

Guinness is mine and Hubby's miniature dachshund. To be honest, he's our baby, though most of the world sees him as a dog. I am obsessed with Guinness. He is really the man, and he just brings me so much happiness. Guinness came into our lives 4 years ago, basically right after we got engaged. We had been talking about getting a dog for a long time, and settled on a dachshund because they were perfectly sized for an apartment. Hubby heard that there were a bunch of daschaunds down at the MSPCA in Brockton, so we decided to break into our vacation money and go see about getting a dog.

Hubs went down to the MSPCA while I was working with his mom and sister. There were a bunch of little wiener doggies at the pound, but he fell in love with a tiny black and tan one called Russell. The dog totally didn't know his name yet, and I had always wanted to name my dog Guinness. It was decided, the tiny black and tan doggie was bought, booked for a neutering, and his name changed to Guinness. Hubs and I were the proud parents of a "long little doggie"!

Guinness was so quiet, skinny and scared for the first few months we had him. He had been rescued from a puppy mill, and wasn't treated very well for the first two years of his life. He warmed up to us, and as we found out a little later, became very protective of us and nervous when we weren't around. Because of the nervousness and aggressiveness our little Guinness has been a student at The Pawsitive Dog obedience school in Roxbury for the last three years. It's been expensive.....but it's so been worth it. He's such a calmer dog now.

I honestly, could talk about Guinness for hours. When Hubs and I are at home we have a voice for the dog, and we pretend he's talking to us. He's quite a little character. During the election he was a staunch Obama supporter devising his own rawhide based economics plan (doggie economics) which fueled his desire to vote democratic. Basically, our friends think we are crazy.

Maybe I am crazy, but I swear the dog knows what I'm saying. If he could talk, for real, I know he'd say he's wildly in love with hubs and I. Guins the man. He really is. I just love him to death. And I don't think anyone could argue that the best thing in the world is coming home to someone who loves you unconditionally.....even if that person is a dog (and sits two inches from the ground).

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blah, blah, blah

It's 12:05, and I really don't feel like starting anything before I go to the gym at 12:15. I have to go to the gym at exactly 12:15 each day. That's "my" lunchtime. If I'm late I get questioned, if I'm early I get questioned, if I don't use it I get questioned. So, I just go, everyday, at 12:15. Today, I'm thinking I'm ging to work out on the elliptical and read a people magazine. I'm trying to decide on my trousseau (if you will) for my trip to Florida this winter. I want to try sewing all of the clothes I am bringing myself. I looked through my patterns last night and found a bunch of things that I liked, but I'd like to try to make some clothes that might actually be in style. I tried to look at the trends on instyle, but I'm a little afraid to use the internet around here. Here meaning my office. The atmosphere isn't good, especially today, since one of my coworkers gave notice yesterday.

So far, I've come up with the summer trends of Surf, prairie, safari, minimalist and Preppy. I found those on instyle, along with an alphabetically organized list of what's hot (w is for white dress). Though, I'm wondering, if I'm going to Florida during the winter, can I still use summer styles, since it's perpetually warm there....or do I have to wait?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

...and a big cold jug of sweet tea.....

Hubs and I went over to Martha's Vineyard on Thursday night, to join the celebration for our friend Jefe's birthday.  He likes to celebrate his birthday by having a few drinks and pretending that we are all still in college, whilst soaking up the sun on Martha's Vineyard.  Of course, we oblige him in this wish.
As a family, Hubby and I love Martha's Vineyard.  Actually, the dog loves the island too, as he has visited it with us several times.  Some of the stores in Edgartown actually leave water outside for the doggies.  Guin didn't come with us this time though, as we knew that there would be a few too many people at the house for him to be able to relax.   We love several things about the Vineyard, which I will list for

-Chowder on the Ferry - (Yumm...but a definite no no with my lactose intolerance)
-South Beach - (The waves are HUGE!! and actually a little scary)

-Sharky's Cantina and their Black Cherry Mojitos
-Shopping in Edgartown
-Jumping off the Jaws Bridge
-Gingerbread houses in Oak Bluffs
-Mad Martha's Ice Cream
-Fried Seafood
-Morning Glory Farms (a new favorite)
-Bike Trails
-Karaoke at Seasons (of course I sang...."All or Nothing by Otown")
The one thing that Hubster and I didn't count on those was getting super sunburns (I was looking for another adjective there but just couldn't find one that would describe the pain).  We went kayaking on Friday with a bunch of our friends.  Hubs and a bunch of our Island celebrators went out in the kayaks and drank beers while paddling and floating around.  I stayed back on shore with Maura, Jefe and my Sweet Tea Vodka.  We had both applied sunscreen, but time seemed to just get away from us.  Before long, the vodka was gone (I shared, don't worry) and I was starting to get a little red.  Anyone who is light skinned knows this isn't a good sign.
By Friday night, we were both beet red and in serious pain.  Hubs was just as red as me, but on significantly less of his body, as his legs were in the kayak, and he wears a cutoff shirt at the beach.  Basically only his arms were burned.  But on me, I had been wearing a two piece, and lets just say that there was more burned than not.
Right now, I'm still red on my stomach and upper legs, and on the more sensitive areas of my chest (like near my boobs where my skin wouldn't be bared in a tank top).  I've been applying aloe like a fiend trying to ward off the peeling.  Fingers crossed it works.
Next time I'm definitely going to need a little more sunscreen, some reapplication, and maybe a hat.  
As I've said before, every good story needs a moral.  The moral of this story, if you are going out in the sun, and you are going to be drinking, make sure that the wind isn't blowing when you apply spray sunscreen, or use lotion, or wear a full body coverall.

Friday, July 9, 2010

G8PLTS, cont'd

For some reason I couldn't post the last license plate picture to the previous post. Each time I tried to add it the the application crashed on my phone.

Since the last picture was my favorite I didn't want you guys to miss out. Here it is! Enjoy!


Last weekend in Maine I noticed that nearly everybody, and their brother, has a vanity license plate. In Massachusetts we don't usually see many vanity plates, and I'm not really sure why. I asked Hubby, a native Bostonian since immigrating from Ireland when he was a wee lad, why the lack of vanity on the vehicles of the Commonwealth. He told me that it was super expensive and that "secretly we all believe putting a vanity plate on your car is toolish".

Growing up in Maine I saw lots of "toolish" plates. I always wanted one, but didn't really know what I wanted to put on it. Now, I barely drive and could care less about what's on my license plate. When driving is concerned basically all I am thinking about is how to get out of it. I like to say I'm a world class passenger, a navigator at heart.
Any who, back to Maine. I saw a lot of vanity plates when I was there and thought it would be a fun subject for a blog entry. I took pictures of each one I saw with my trusty iPhone. My mom got into it as I knew she would and started pointing them out to me. She wasn't half as selective as I was with the criteria for good vanity plate vs bad vanity plate. I had to reject several of her discoveries.

Here's what I ended up with. There are a few good ones but I have a clear favorite, which I will post last.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Africanized Horned Beetle Affair

Last night we had a BBQ at our apartment. Hubs is thinking about starting up a firm with some of his co-workers. We had them and their significant others over for food and booze, and to talk about work.

Tuesday night I cooked up a storm. There was lots of bowls with tinfoil covering them in the fridge. And I attempted key lime pie. Of course there were some extras and I ended up making a few little pie - lets.

The BBQ went well, everyone ate and had fun. We sat in the backyard for awhile, which meant that the back door, and the door to the apartment, were left open for a little while. As far as Hubs and the dog are concerned, the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. A moth got into the house.

Hubby hates moths. His entire family does. Its the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. They making riding the world of moths their personal vendetta. According to them, once a moth gets in and is allowed to live, it will go straight for the closet, and have a feast on their clothes. The clothes of the world are just not safe with moths getting indoors.......

Quick Sidebar.. all this moth talk reminds me of a funny moth story. Funnier, even than the one I am gearing up to tell. Last year when we went to the Vineyard we stayed up pretty late out on the deck and the moths were attracted to the light. Now, these weren't just any moths. I'm pretty sure they were Lunar Moths. They were HUGE. Hubs, who had been drinking since 11 am (Corona is breakfast beer he says) was absolutely CONVINCED that these large moths were fairies. One of them got into the house, because, lets face it, drunk people just don't know how to shut doors. Once the moth was in the house, Hubs and our friends started screaming every time it came near (it really was kinda scary and huge, especially if you're wasted). Usually, Hubster will lead the human against moth battle, and fight to the death, but not this time, this time he wanted to catch it, cause it wasn't a moth, it was a FAIRY. With bowl in hand Hubs ran around the kitchen (which is funny in itself being that Hubs is a pretty big guy) waiting for the Fairy (moth) to land. Finally, he got it, put the bowl over it, and screamed "Maura, I caught you a Fairy, I caught you a Fairy". It was hilarious. I laughed until I started wheezing. I had to take my inhaler. In the morning we laughed again, especially when we picked up the bowl and realized it was just a big fregen moth.

Back to last night. A moth got in the house. We noticed, while getting ready for bed, that the horrid moth had found it's way into the bedroom (where our clothes live!). Hubby just could not stand for that. Our home, our bedroom especially, is a no moth zone. So, he stood up on the bed, and grabbed and rolled up a magazine (so as to turn it into a weapon). Hubby started whacking the bedroom light with the magazine, since that's where the moth had been flying near (of course). Guinness had been sleeping at the end of the bed when the whacking started. He quickly realized that this was not a smart idea. He ran up to the head of the bed with me, but decided Hubs chances of falling on us were too great. He jumped off the bed and got out of the bedroom entirely.

I couldn't stop laughing at Hubby as he tried to kill the moth. Somehow he kept missing it. Once it went in his mouth, another in his armpit. And throughout the whole affair, he kept grabbing himself. When I asked him about it, he said that he was afraid that the moth would fly up his man bits (like it was some sort of Amazonian He almost fell backwards on me twice, but I thought it was hilarious. He was buzzed, I was buzzed, and eventually, I wasn't able to breathe from all my laughing.

I wish I had taken pictures....but he wasn't really dressed either, which would have made him so mad at me. Eventually, we decided the moth had been killed, even though there was no hard evidence. He went to get the dog to put back in the bed, but Guin was still scared. He refused to go back to the end of our bed, and wanted to sleep in between us.

I love my dog. I love my life. You just can't make up stuff like this.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bug Bug or Leprosy?

Over the weekend in Maine I got some intense bug bites on my body. Most of these bug bites were focused on the tops of my feet. I think the bugs decided to feast there primarily because it is the area I forgot to put bug spray on. But, I got bit on the areas I put bug spray on anyways, just not so profusely.

I don't know why they liked my skin so much, but I've been in actual pain over the bites since Sunday. I've never had such a clustering before. Monday night, I actually had to take a Benadryl to get to sleep cause the itching was that bad.

So, here's what they looked like yesterday morning (today it's a little better). What do you think? Bug Bites, or Leprosy?

Ps. In case you are wondering, yes I did take these pictures in my cubicle. When inspiration hits, it hits, you know?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Go Shortie, it's America's birthday

I've been sitting here, at my desk at work, eating veggie sticks, and trying to figure out what to title this blog entry for about the last forty five minutes. I'm not going to lie, I was doing a little Facebook stalking too.  I thought this might help the creative process, but as you can tell with what I settled on "go Shortie, it's America's birthday".  Pathetic.
Lots transpired this weekend that I have to discuss with you, my reading public (or should I say,  Anne). Hubster and I drove up to Maine to spend the weekend with my family at the campground that they had booked into for the week. 
Sunday, we celebrated our Nieces 2nd birthday.  She was a little less than thrilled.  It was hot, she was tired, and the party just wasn't doing it for her.  The cake was good though, and I liked her not all was lost. 
The birthday girl's special cake, that she could have cared less about :)

While I was at my parents house I took it upon myself to raid my mom's pattern collection.  Thank god my mom has kept all of her patterns from basically the beginning of time.  I picked myself out some pretty cute vintage patterns to play with.  I also raided the pattern collection at my sisters house.  These were much more modern....but I did walk away with two new patterns.  Sunday night we went to see the fireworks in Winthrop.  I got bitten alive by mosquitoes (as hubby says MOSS - Keetos).  More to come on that topic.  It's way to elaborate a discussion for this post.  It will have it's own post, with pictures, so that you can see the disgusting state my body is in right now.
The Winthrop, ME captured by my IPhone
Monday, Hubs and I decided to make the trek back home around 1:00.  We had thought we would go later, but plans changed and we decided to head down a few hours earlier.  Terrible idea.  Traffic from Wells to the bridge just before New Hampshire was really really slow.  Hubs frustration level was high.  I turned the sound off on my phone and captured a picture of him in the midst of his frustration (if he would have caught me he would have been so mad good thing I got away clean).

Before we went through the York Tolls
After the York tolls (traffic never let up)
Hubs is less than happy....I mean...who crosses their arms while driving when they are?
It took us about four and a half hours, in the 90 degree heat to get home to Boston.  We were super tired, especially Guinness who slept all the way:
"What did I tell you about taking pictures of me when I sleep?"
After dinner (and ice cream), Hubby and I sat on the couch, thinking that we were going to relax and watch some TV before bed.  I got out my nook and did a little reading, until my eyes started closing.  At about seven, I decided to take a nap.  Hubby joined.  Guinness was already sleeping.  At nine, Hubster woke up and decided we should all go to bed.  So the three of us woke up, and simply moved our sleeping to the bedroom. Impressive.  This is one time where I wish someone could have taken a picture of the three of us sleeping in front of the TV.  Guinness in his crate, his doggie blanket pushed up against the wall of the crate so to make a pillow.  Me smooshed in the corner of the couch with the ottoman for my feet, sweating profusely while wrapped tightly in my snuggie.  And finally hubby, laying prone on the couch, with his legs across my body.  Precious...hilarious....unfortunately, uncaptured.  
Life just isn't fair sometimes.

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