Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photo a Day - Project Life 365

I love taking pictures. For a short while during my senior year of high school I thought about going to Photography school. But, I thought about doing a lot of things....

For my VERY first Mother's Day (2011 - Liv was one day old!) Hubs got me a DSLR camera. Basically, that gift solidified my obsession. 

This past January I decided to take part in ProjectLife365. What's that you ask? WELL, its a SUPER fun photo a day project. Each week we are given seven hashtags for inspiration. I share my photos (labeled with the hashtag of the day) on Instagram, but you can share on Twitter and Facebook too. 

I have missed a few hashtags along the way but I have REALLY enjoyed playing along. 

I plan on updating the blog weekly with my ProjectLife Pictures. Ill probably do it on Friday because my friend Andrea (who may be my only reader) misses my photo Friday posts :)

Until then, here are a few of my favorites. 








Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Challenge - Week 1

This week's prompt for the sewing challenge was "Work and Play". I had sewers block. Bad.

I failed week one.

The week started with promise. I had a day off the Thursday before, new patterns and new fabric. I decided to do a little shopping and gardening on my day off before I started sewing...... Bad idea. Right around dinner the vomiting started. When all was said and done I was sick for about a week.

When the vomiting ended, a fever set in. I had a fever for a couple days, which i think caused my mouth to erupt in canker sores. Canker sores all through my mouth and down my throat. It was excruciating. All this time I tried so hard to decide what to do for the challenge. I just couldn't do it. I kept obsessing over my choice, thinking that maybe there was a better choice i could make. It was insane. So, nothing got started.

Also, there was a lot of sleeping on the couch.

I did start making a quilt for Olivia's baby. The quilt top went together pretty easy, minus a small mistake i made while cutting (I need serious practice with my rotary cutter). I'm having a SUPER hard time quilting it though. Ive tried hand quilting machine quilting and it just keeps bunching. I'm tempted to just tie it....but maybe i'll do a little quilting research today at work before i resort to that.

Next weeks challenge: Polka Dot.....and I'm actually doing this one. I already have an idea, fabric, pattern and supplies. Just need to start cutting.

Hubs is working a lot this week, maybe Ill have enough time to do last weeks too.....maybe.

Sew What it's Summer Challenge

A few weeks ago I decided to try to force myself to sew more of my own clothes.  While talking to my sister about it, she came up with the idea of doing a sewing challenge to keep us motivated. I thought why not ...right?

We decided to call the challenge "Sew What it's Summer".....cute right?  The challenge goes from May 19th to September 2nd, and has been divided into 16 weeks.  Each of us came up with 8 challenges.  Apparently, Manda came up with challenges that she had plans for..... me....I just thought of cool things I wanted to wear........

Here they are.....

Week#1 Starting Date Challenger Challenge
1 5/20/2013 Amanda Work and Play
2 5/27/2013 Margie Polka Dot
3 6/3/2013 Amanda Zip Me Up
4 6/10/2013 Margie Swim Cover Up
5 6/17/2013 Amanda Ombre
6 6/24/2013 Margie Maxi Dress (2 week challange)
-- 7/1/2013 BREAK BREAK
7 7/8/2013 Amanda Retro Rundown
8 7/15/2013 Margie Chambray
9 7/22/2013 Amanda Bejeweled
10 7/29/2013 Margie Nautical
11 8/5/2013 Amanda Waste Not Want Not
12 8/12/2013 Margie Anthropologie Knock off
13 8/19/2013 Amanda Hidden Treasure
14 8/26/2013 Margie Black & White
15 9/2/2013 Amanda My Style icon would wear that.
16 9/9/2013 Margie Inspired

Rules of the Game:
All challenges last a week. Start the week's challenge on Monday, finish by Sunday @ midnight and blog about it by Monday @ midnight.  Make sure when you blog about about that you include the tag or label #sewwhatitssummer.

That's it - everything else with the challenge is fair game. Get ready for some great projects and looks soon to be displayed on this site :) And don't forget to check out my sister Manda's Blog.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Do you still have that blog?

It’s a question I get asked a lot…

And I’ll answer “yeah, but, I also have a really active 2 year old……..”

Which brings us to my biggest question.

Where do two year olds get their energy?? 

Who ever can find the answer to that......and bottle it....will be a MILLIONAIRE....seriously.  From the second Liv wakes up to the second right before she falls asleep...she's 500 mph.

I’m absolutely exhausted at the end of the day.  Work, taking care of myself and taking care of Olivia is just overwhelming.My poor husband and dog…..

I can’t even think about having another child…...not yet.  How do mom’s of multiple children do it?
Back to the blog right??  Looks like I haven’t updated since January?  Wow. ….so much for  that resolution.

I have been doing a bunch of projects sewing and the house decor, since I've updated though, and will try to update you on them as we go.Since January, I've been doing a photo a day project on instagram and am going to try to figure out a good way to update you on my progress doing that.  I don’t get to post a picture everyday for this, but I just love being able to do this project.  Plus, it’s super easy, and I can post the picture with the appropriate hash tag while Liv is taking a few breaths (or drinking from her bottle that she isn't supposed to be drinking from anymore).

This summer, my sister and I have come up with a blogging/sewing challenge to keep ourselves motivated.  It started this week.  Basically, each week we have a prompt and will need to sew something to match that prompt and then blog about it.  I’ll blog here, she will blog over at her new (and fabulous) blogI came up with half the prompts, she came up with the other half (separate post for that coming up shortly)

Have I started working on this week's prompt yet?
You know I haven't
Some things never change........but isn't that what's comforting about life?

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