Monday, December 13, 2010

Modern Art and the Moon Man

I take the train to work on most days. The station that I catch the train at has been going through a facelift. Actually, to be truthful, the old station was leveled and a new station built. It's taken awhile. They completely refashioned the area around the station. It wasn't a really nice area, and the station was really dangerous. It was redesigned so that it was more open and less dangerous.

A few weeks ago they added a piece of sculpture to the entrance of the station. It kinda creeps me out, but I've found that just about half of modern art (especially sculpture) has that effect on me. This particular sculpture is a "moon man". What do you think?

I just find it so disconcerting, and I'm not really sure why. The other day, I got off the train and noticed that they had decorated the moon man for Christmas. I didn't take a picture that night, but made Hubs take one for me the other day. (The picture above actually was taken after the Santa's hat had been ripped off the first time).

I almost peed myself when I saw the hat. I hadn't thought it was possible to make something so silly look even sillier. Apparently, there is nothing that the miracle of Christmas can't achieve!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

7 dollhouses FINISHED!! Finally!!

Yesterday, I finished all seven of the dollhouses that had been ordered from me for Christmas! Thank Goodness they are done! I cannot wait to get them off to the post office tonight.

I learned a very important lesson while trying to prepare these orders for Christmas: Don't get pregnant when you have lots of stuff to sew!

I had big plans for Christmas and my sewing machine. I was going to finish these houses, and then make a bunch of stuff for my family and friends. Since most of the orders came in during September I figured I would have PLENTY of time. Well, I was wrong. I got pregnant in September and spent nearly all of that month, October and November sleeping. I'm not even exaggerating. I've never been so tired in my LIFE!!

Last Saturday, I nearly had a dollhouse induced breakdown when I realized that I had cut out ALL of the dollhouses two inches too narrow. I had made up two of the houses already and they were just TINY. Hubs, and I could tell he was scared, tried to let me down as gently as possible. We came to the mutual conclusion that they had to all be re-cut.

Even though I know he wanted to, Hubs didn't tell me to "Measure twice, cut once". I think he realized that in a very fragile state, and on the verge of tears. I really appreciate his self control. Thanks Honey :)

So, after exhaustion, measuring mistakes and the sheer terror of leaving seven little kids without their homemade Christmas gifts, here's what I came up with. I'll take better pictures tonight before sending them off. I just snapped these with my iphone this morning.

Notice that the tablecloth on the table is orange and Halloween themed? Yup, we have our tree up, but the rest of the decorations in the apartment is still decorated for Halloween. It's shameful.

Most of the dollhouses are being sent out in twos. These two are a Farmhouse and a Barn.

This is a Pet Shop and a Vet Clinic. I love the insides on these.

A pink house and a garage. This picture of the garage doesn't do it justice. I put some cute car fabric all around the outside.

And finally, a beach house. I love the beach house. Just wait till you see the inside. There's an ocean...and

So...that's just a taste for now...but more pictures tonight!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Loong Weekend.

I have been off from work since Thursday. It has been FABULOUS. Hubs and I had four full days of turkey and relaxation. There was lots of napping, crafting and movie watching. Needless to say, I am dreading putting on real people clothes and heading off to work in the morning. I think the couch and my sweats will miss me.
Today, Hubs and I put up the tree. My mother in law thinks I was crazy for putting it up since we'll be away for the holidays, but could pass it up. I love sitting in the dark with only the tree lights during the holidays. Plus, it's a fake tree, so why not right?
Last year I convinced Hubs to buy a fake tree. He was so completely against it, but I wore him down. I hate the maintenance of a real tree. It's impossible to ever get all those needles out of the floor. Also, it's impossible to not get covered in sap when u are putting the tree up and taking it down. Once it's up Guinness considers it his personal water bowl. I hate him drinking that filthy water. Finally, they are expensive, I hate the smell, and when I touch them I get a rash. Fake trees don't need water or cleanup and they don't smell like anything. Perfect.

I love our tree.

What do u think? Are u a real tree person or a fake tree person?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Epic bad Day

I haven't written a blog entry in the longest time. I hope you guys, my very small pool of readers haven't given up on me. I haven't forgotten the blog, I just haven't really known what to write about. The last few weeks my crafting has been pretty nil. Im in the swing of it again trying to fill my Christmas orders. Which I will no worries. Basically, I've just has writers block.

Today, I had an epically BAD day at work. It was the kind of day where I seriously considered walking out (before I realized how unadult and irresponsible that reaction would be). Now, I'm at home shedding the tears I've been waiting to shed all day and wondering how I'm going to muster up the strength to go back there tomorrow. I suppose all I can do is hope for the best.

Hubs is out now trying to buy a dinner to make me feel better. Cute right?

Anyways, that's it for now. Just wanted to let you know I'm still here. I'll update again soon, sooner than three weeks, with completed dollhouse pictures!

Wish me luck with tomorrow :) Maybe with a little help it will be better than today.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to get thinking about Christmas!

Today is November 1st.  Can you believe it? Where did the month of October go?

Now that it's officially November, I can no longer put off that I have tons of sewing for Christmas to do.  I have orders for EIGHT (can you believe it!) dollhouses for the big day.  These obviously need to get done first, and significantly before so that they can be sent through the mail (without costing me a fortune).  Each of the dollhouses in the order is different and I'm really excited. I have two regular houses, one farmhouse, one barn, one beach house, one  vet clinic, and one pet shop.....oh..and one garage.  I cut out the beach house last week.  I figured it would be easiest  to plan out all the houses, then cut all the pieces, then sew.  Once everything is all sewn then I can make the tags and ship. Very efficient right?  Henry Ford would be so proud.

Today at work I decided to do a little planning with my stolen minutes here and there.  So far I have ideas for five of the houses.  Please forgive my drawing.......

I'm still trying to decide if I should use fabric for the decorations around the house like I did the last two times, or if I should try felt for these.  Hub told me, very eloquently, when I asked what he thought "They ordered based on fabric, not felt.  If you are going to do it, you better do it right."  He sure is a charmer that Hubs, especially over email. I saw a few houses in this flickr group where they used felt to decorate, and they just look so intricate and cute.  I wonder if I can do a better job using the felt instead of the fabric.  What do you think?  

Aside from the dollhouses, I really wanted to make presents for my niece and nephew.  For Tommy I wanted to make a play mat where he could play with his matchbox cars.  For Brooklyn I loved this tutorial from Prudent Baby for a portable tea set.  Finally, I wanted to make a baby shower gift for my friend Shannon who's due on Christmas Day. 

I hope I have enough time for everything.  If only I hadn't slept through October.  Now if I can only keep my eyes open long enough for the next month to sew, sew, sew!  Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


My mom sent me a picture of Brooklyn and Tommy in their Halloween costumes today.  I don't know what else to say but......Adorable.

Tommy had a dress up day at Pre-School today.  Brookie, she just wanted to wear her white costume.  I hear that she's been obsessed with it since she met it on Sunday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update: I'm still alive.....

I haven't written in a couple of days.  Sorry.  At first, I just didn't have anything to write, then I just got lazy.  September and October haven't been stellar months for me and my crafting.  It will get better (well, it has to, I have EIGHT dollhouse orders to fill before Christmas, possibly nine).

What has happened since I last updated? Let me tell you.....

Anne and I went to another card making class at Paper-Source.  This one was for Holiday Cards and Tags, and was a little more advanced.  It was so much fun.  I have pictures.  At the end of the class the teacher told us that we could take any leftovers that we wanted.  I turned into a vulture and grabbed everything I could without getting noticed.  In my defense, that stuff is really expensive and she was giving it out for free.  A wise man (classmate) in college once told me "If it's free....take two".  I like to live by that motto as much as possible, without looking greedy

My mom, sister and sister - in - law, came down for a crafting shopping trip.  We went to all the different crafty locations in Boston and Dorchester, as well as the Disney Store.  My sister in law was determined to buy a Snow White Doll for Brooklyn for Christmas.  We started the morning off at The Stitch House in Dorchester.  It sells yarn and some sewing stuff.  I had never been but had wanted to.  It made me want to take up knitting again and get good at it this time.  After a few non crafting stops we went in town for lunch.  We had lunch at B Good's new Downtown Crossing location.  I love B Good.  The food is delish.  Conveniently, my mother, who's a celiac, also loves B. Good because they have gluten free bread and will ask her if she has a wheat allergy before cooking her chicken.  It's really really hard to eat out when you have a gluten allergy.  We've found a couple good restaurants in the area, and usually stick to those when my mom comes to visit (B.Good, Legal Seafoods). After lunch we went to Windsor Button, then back into Dorchester to go to Sewfisticated.

I didn't really get to much, but my mom made a killing.  She's a big crocheter and bought a bunch of new books at Windsor Button.  I got some fabric at Sewfisticated, but that was about it.  I had wanted to get some buttons for the dollhouses but didn't see anything that whet my fancy.  Does anyone have a great store that they buy buttons from online?  That isn't too expensive? 

Sadly, that's about it.  I cut out the pieces for one of the dollhouses last night.  I'm hoping to do another tonight, and then sew them all up this weekend. 

Halloween is just around the corner :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Movie : Hocus Pocus

Last night, after catching up on the dozen or more Modern Family episodes we are behind on (we just needed to laugh), Hubs and I stumbled across one of my favorite Halloween movies EVER.  Hocus Pocus.
Hubs loves horror movies.  He likes them bloody and scary.  Me on the other hand, I'm not really into all the gore and blood.  Its not that I'm scared, I'm just really grossed out.  I love a good psychologically scary movie, like most of the old ones, or just a good old fashioned fun "scary" movie (like Hocus Pocus).
Hocus Pocus is about three witches from back in the day, who are summoned back to Salem on Halloween night by a bit of magic.  Max lights a candle in a museum that is said to bring back the witches under certain conditions (if it's halloween night, if it's lit by a virgin....).  He thinks it's just "Hocus Pocus".  Sidenote: Did I ever tell you how much I love it when they put the title of a movie in the actual movie?  Then there is no know exactly why they named it that.  The three witches are Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker.  This is pre-Carrie for Sarah Jessica I believe. 
Hubs and I were surprised to learn that the movie was from 1993.  Thora Birch, who plays the little girl that the witches are trying to eat, tells them that the year is 1993 at one point.  Both Hubs and I remember when this movie was NEW.  It's a little shocking when you realize that a movie was made in the same year that your 17 year old sister was born.   We had a rough moment of feeling really old together. 
We didn't finish the movie, we were way too tired, and Hubs was distracted with his law firm.  But, just seeing it for a few minutes reminded me how much I love Disney movies, and why I'm so happy that they still show them on fox family :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trick or Treat .....bags!

Remember how I made the Snow White Costume for my niece Brooklyn?  Well, I had wanted to make one for her brother, my nephew Tommy, but he already had a Spider-man costume.  Apparently, my brother and sister in law bought it for him last year, and since their children eat like monsters but don't gain weight (EVER), he decided to wear it again this year.  Tommy is PUMPED to be Spider-man.  I don't even think he remembers wearing the same costume last year.  Memory is such a fragile thing when you are 3 1/2.  Every time we ask Tommy what he's going to be for Halloween he flexes his muscles and says "I'm going to be STRONG!".  He's too cute.
Brooklyn and Tommy are very close in age.  They like to get equal amounts of attention from their Auntie.  They actually demand it.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to send up a fabulous (if I may say so myself) costume for Brookie, and nothing for Tommy.  I decided to make them treat bags to take trick or treating with them. 
I saw a treat bag at Michaels that served as the inspiration.  They were small, made out of felt and only 99 cents.  Sure, I could have bought it for them, but that's no fun at all.
I liked how small they were.  These children do not need candy for energy let me tell you, so any large amount of candy would just frustrate my brother and sister - in - law (and my parents for that matter).  Also, Tommy is allergic to corn, which is in basically everything.  I didn't want him to come back from Trick or Treating, empty his bag and see a huge load of candy, only to find out later he could eat basically two pieces.   I am so glad I don't have a corn allergy by the way.  It's BRUTAL!
I sewed the bags together with my machine.  To make them I used two pieces of felt of one color for the front, back and sides.  For the straps I used a contrasting color.  I used black thread on both because, well, it's Halloween.   Here they are:
Tommy's I made very boyish, with a bat, and skull, and boo! on the back:

The stitching on one side of Tommy's bag is a little off.  I just realized this last night.  I don't know if this was my fault or Guinness'.  It was hanging on the hall doorknob for quite a few days.  I feel like there may have been some tug of war going on. But, I could also just be a messy seamstress.  Um.......sorry Guin, I'm going to blame you on this one.
For Brooklyn I made a little princess bag.  I even hot glued some rhinestones on the crown.  For all you mommies out there that are worried she'll swallow the rhinestones, don't fear.  I was worried about this too.  I used LARGE amounts of glue to secure them to the bag.  Those puppies aren't going anywhere.

I love them.  I think they are adorable.  I realized how much I like working with felt while I was making these.  It's really easy to make what you want, and it doesn't fray.  Is anything better than that?

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hubs and I were at Home Depot the other day looking for mouse traps (yup...we have an infestation going on) and we wondered onto the tile aisle.  I grabbed up two plain white tiles and told Hubs we were going to make coasters out of them.  He had some reservations, because apparently he hates the sound of tiles rubbing against each other and other things.  I didn't know this about him at all.  I told him quietly and sympathetically to deal with it and assured him that all the tile would be covered when we were done.

Yesterday, we went to Paper-Source and searched for inspiration of what to put on the tiles.  We bought this great orange paper that almost felt like linen and some glittery bat stickers.  Later in the day we went to Target and I found some cool Halloween stickers in the dollar spot.  I got those too.

Now, Hubs is not very versed in crafting.  His crafting skills, and I'm so not saying this to be mean, are incredibly below normal.  He's a lawyer.  He's used to being logical and analytical and he has absolutely no patience.  I know that I need to plan really easy crafts for him.  Keeping this in mind, I covered the tile with paper for him, and just left the sticker placement as his duty.  His coaster turned out wonderful I have to say. 

Hubs used the glittery bats and I used the stickers from Target.  I'm really impressed with how they turned out.  Especially Darren's, since as I explained, he has absolutely no crafting skills..

What do you think?

Hubby's Creation....I <3 it!

My Coaster, it's supposed to look like subway art

My coaster festively keeping my $7 ikea side table ring free :)



Finally the blog has been Halloween-o-fied!  I was meaning to Halloween-o-fie the blog at the beginning of October and do a whole month of Halloweeney stuff in honor of Hubs favorite holiday.  All I can say is...Oops. 
Starting today I'll be making Halloweenesque postings until November.  Then the blog will go back to normal, and the Halloween celebration will break until next year.  It's not the 31 days I had planned, but 15 should do it :)  

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Late is better than never....right?

Monday was Hubs and my two year wedding Anniversary. I meant to do a blog post that same day, but I've been really sucking at my blogging life lately. So, here we are, an Anniversary post two days late. Late is better than never......right??

Hubs and I met during our time at Saint Anselm College. He was a freshman and I was a sophomore when we started dating. We were basically babies. TEN years later here we are. Why have we only been married for two you ask? Well, after college we lived happily in "sin" for quite a few years before we took the plunge. When people tell me that we are still newlyweds I laugh, cause really we aren't, but we still feel that way. So Gushy, I know, but I just can't help it. He's my ginger and I love him :)

Now for the photo montage of Margie - Darren bliss :
On the way to the airport to go to Ireland,  2004

Summer 2007

My Birthday 2008 (god I was skinny..and had

walking down the aisle

Hammin up the Photographer during our wedding mass.

slow dancin at the reception.

Happy Anniversary D! Sorry this post is late :)

Girls Night Out

Last Thursday Anne and I attended a Holiday Card making workshop at the PaperSource in Brookline. They called it "Girls Night Out" and served wine and treats.

I had been wanting to take a class at PaperSource for a long time. I discovered the store when Hubs and I were engaged. I had wanted to make our invitations. To be honest, I wanted to make EVERYTHING! I ended up making the Save the Dates, programs, bridal shower thank yous, centerpieces, so much , bit not the invites. Hubby won out on that. But, did I hand address them? Absolutely. What is the sense of being engaged for two years if I can't be detail oriented.

Anyways, Anne and I decided to sign up for a couple of the holiday classes at PaperSource this year. The Girls Night out was our first class. We had a fabulous time. It really was a great experience. We had tons of fun making the cards. The girls that shared the class were great. It was really nice to craft and chat after a long day of work. The kid in me loved being in the store after it closed too :)

The class coat $35 and I think it was a very reasonable price. We came home with a ton of supplies.

Here are the cards I made, starting with my two favorites.

I think this is the card I'm going to make to send Hubs clients from the firm. It looks so fancy and it's so easy. It's just a stamp and some sparkly puffy paint!

This is the card I think I am going to make to send to family in Maine and Ireland. How cute is it? I had never tried embossing before, but I love it. I need to buy an embossing gun.

I love this next card, and would love to send it out, but I just don't think it would survive the postal service :)

I really like the stamp on this card with the Christmas tree, but I just can't see Hubs letting me buy so many stamps for x-mas cards. They aren't cheap. Lol. He would be right.

I love sewing the best of course, but who can resist a pretty paper craft?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oops.......I did it again!

I haven't updated the blog since Thursday!  It's Tuesday today, so that's four days....and completely unacceptable.  I have no excuses at all......except that I've been really tired.  Does that even work as an excuse anymore?  I've been sleeping in the time that I usually blog, and crafting whenever I'm awake.  It's really a hard way to make a life :)
I had the intention of doing this whole Halloween theme with the blog.  It was going to be 31 days of Halloween inspired crafts. I made a Halloween banner and everything. Now, here it is the 12th, and I haven't even started.  Fail.   That will be starting soon, tonight hopefully :)
I will be starting to make a ton of dollhouses that have been ordered from me (all for Christmas presents) very soon, but before I did I wanted to make a few fun little projects.  I decided this weekend to make Prudent Baby's fat quarter apron, with my own little twist.  I love the website Prudent Baby by the way.  It has awesome content, pictures and tutorials.  Basically, I'm in love. You've got to check it out.
The Fat Quarter Apron was super easy.  I added some pockets and some ribbon and lace.  I'm not a big apron person, but this one is so cute it makes me want to cook :)

What do you think?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leftover Fabric turned Adorable Purse.

I had a bunch of fabric leftover from my mom's wristlet, and decided something must be made with it.  Yesterday afternoon, after everyone had left work, I went searching for inspiration. 

I didn't have to look far, considering the first website that I stopped at was Prudent Baby.  I browsed through the sewing tutorials and found this one for a beginners bias tape bag.  I decided that when I got home I was going to try to make one of those for my mom.

It was incredibly easy.  I only had to rip out one seam, and that was really cause I was reading the directions wrong.  I need to make more...I love it.

It's Reversible!!


I absolutely love it.  There's one of these for me coming up in the near future!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wristlet for my Mommy........

This weekend, when I was home in Maine, I showed my mom the wristlet I had made to go up to Saint A's with Sarah.  It was the perfect size for my camera and it's battery charger, so I had stashed them in it and thrown it in my bag.
The first time my mom looked at my wristlet she thought it was very cute, and told me I should make some more to sell.  Actually, my sister said the same thing.  To be honest, I have been considering making some stuff and selling it on Etsy, but that's a topic for another blog entry.  Sunday, on our ride to Jo-Ann's, my mom asked to see the wristlet again.  Then she said to my sister "Should I order one of these from Dorchester Designs to take to Disney?"  The answer was yes, and mom was sold.  
She decided she wanted to pick out her fabrics while we were at the fabric store.  I helped her, so to steer her away from any really ugly prints or color combinations.  It sounds awful, but my mom is always drawn to the flashiest (ugliest) things.  Sometimes I just have to reign her in.   Mom decided she didn't want a flower on her wristlet either, even though she assured me that she loved the flower on mine.
I put the wristlet together on Monday after finishing Brooklyn's Costume.  I loved not working and being able to craft all day.  My fingers are so crossed that Hubby's Law Firm hits it big and I can stop working (a little dreaming never hurt anyone).  Here's the finished product!

I put a little pocket on the inside.  I made it out of the corduroy that I used on the front.  I thought it would be cute to contrast the lining with the outside, but forgot that it was a different weight.  It's a little heavy...but still super cute. 
Instead, of the flower Mom and I picked out some buttons that had the same colors.  I really like them.  
What do you think?  

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Snow White Costume for Brooklyn!

Hubs and I drove back from Maine late Saturday night so that we could do work on Sunday.  I needed to sew and he needed to work on law firm stuff for his clients.  Sunday morning, we got up early, made breakfast, caught up on Fringe (love that show) and then set to work.  I desperately needed to work on the Snow White costume that I promised I would make for my niece Brooklyn. 
Brooklyn may be the cutest and tiniest two year old ever.  Here's some proof to her cuteness.  I know the picture's not great, but the back-story makes it adorable.  She went to visit my sister at work (which she does sometimes when her brother has appointments and she's tired of sitting still).  My sister has a Macintosh computer that Brookie loves playing with the Photobooth on. goes....Photobooth fun with Brooklyn, and proof of cuteness:

Anyways, Sunday I finished cutting out and started sewing on the Snow White Costume.  There were a serious amount of pieces.  I was making the size 1/2, so it just seemed wrong to me that there were so many pieces.  I know that doesn't make much sense, because even little girls can have intricate clothing.  But still.  Monday I finished the dress completely.  I can't wait to see it on Brooklyn. 
The dress was actually pretty easy to make, except for the piping on the front of the bodice and the sleeve band.  The piping wasn't hard per-se, it would have just been a lot easier if I had a piping foot for my machine.  I decided Sunday to add piping foot to my list of feet to buy (along with Ruffle and Pintuck feet). 
 The sleeve bands were hard only because they were so small.  It was nearly impossible to get my machine in the little hole of the sleeve to sew up the sleeves.  I would have thought that the pattern would have given me some hints on how to do this, since it was a toddler pattern....but no.
On the whole, I wasn't thrilled with the pattern.  I was really unimpressed with the bodice of the dress.  The dress had a bodice lining.  Usually when there is a bodice lining it means that the lining is going to cover all of the seams of the bodice.  This dresses bodice lining didn't do that.  As far as I can tell, the only purpose that the bodice lining served was to finish the neck seam.  I zig-zagged all the seams, cause satin is really frayey (I know...not a word), and stitched a ribbon over the waist where the skirt and the bodice are sewed together. No two year old is going to want that big seam scratching their belly. 

I also made the little headband to go with the dress.  It had a cute stuffed bow on it.  I almost want to make one for myself it's so adorable.  

Sorry there are no pictures of the dress on my little Brooklyn, it missed my trip up by two days. I'll have my sister in law take some and send them to me.

Oh, I'm adding this to a couple of link parties!  I do so love to share my work with the internet :)

BWS tips button

And I've added this to CRAFT's Halloween contest too :) Honestly, the prizes are pretty sweet.
CRAFT Halloween Contest

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