Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lucky and Stuck

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Last week Hubs and I had a streak of good luck.  Winning money luck to be more specific.  We were up in Maine for the weekend and decided to trade in a scratch ticket we had won two dollars on back in April.  It's impossible to buy just one scratch ticket so Hubs supplemented our $2 with another $2 and we got four tickets. 
Hubs scratched two and I scratched two.  Silver stuff was flying everywhere!  Seriously, I don't really know what that stuff is, but it gets everywhere.  I'm always concerned that it's going to get into my eyes....and that just can't be good for them.  Hubs won $10 right off the bat.  Mine though, they weren't winners.....or so I thought.  I guess I just didn't understand the game...cause Hubs looked at them and said I had won $50.  As any good gambler would do, we decided to buy more scratch tickets with our winnings.  We put the $50 aside and Hubs took the $10 back into Cumberland Farms (yeah...we are doing all this scratching in the parking lot of Cumberland Farms while Olivia and Guinness are sleeping in the back) and bought five more.  Out of those five, we only won $2.  Did we buy two more?? YES!  Our winning streak stopped there.....which was probably for the best.  We drove away with $50, out of $62 won.....not too bad. 
We felt pretty lucky that we had "won big" on scratch tickets, and figured that it was a good omen for things to come.  I'm not sure if we were right or not, because later in the week I got stuck in an elevator at work.  Being stuck in an elevator is close to being one of my biggest fears.  I generally don't ride elevators because I'm afraid of them breaking down.  Plus, I'd rather get the fitness benefit of walking up the stairs ( it's part of my exercise so you can eat whatever you want plan).  However, on this particular day, I was in the elevator because it was the only way I knew how to get up to the Employee Lactation Room.  After I was done making Olivia some milk, I went down to the elevator and pushed the button to go down ( I was on the fourth floor).  The elevator came and a patient and I got in.  She wanted to stop at the first floor, I needed to return to my "office" (more of a sad excuse for a cubicle)  in the basement.  The door shut...the lights stayed on..but we went no where.  Soon I thought...we will be moving soon.  After a few minutes...the patient asked if we had gone anywhere.  All that kept going through my head is....great...I'm stuck.  I texted my co-worker to let her know and then pressed the emergency call button thingy behind the door.  Obviously you have to speak right into that intercom thing cause they didn't hear me at first...I had to press again.  Eventually they were able to open the doors.  The funny thing was, we hadn't even gone anywhere, the doors just wouldn't open.  People were waiting for us outside the elevator doors to make sure we were okay.  Since I had to go back to work, I just left and went to find the stairs.  About ten minutes after I got back to my desk someone came in looking for me.  It was the Customer Excellence Coordinator.  She apologized for the elevator and handed me a card.  It had a $25 gift card to target in it!
In one week I won $50 on scratch ticket, then lost $12, got stuck in the elevator and then got $25 dollars.  What a roller coaster! 
By the way.  I now know how to get to the lactation room by the stairs, and you better believe I use those everyday :)


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