Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Challenge - Week 1

This week's prompt for the sewing challenge was "Work and Play". I had sewers block. Bad.

I failed week one.

The week started with promise. I had a day off the Thursday before, new patterns and new fabric. I decided to do a little shopping and gardening on my day off before I started sewing...... Bad idea. Right around dinner the vomiting started. When all was said and done I was sick for about a week.

When the vomiting ended, a fever set in. I had a fever for a couple days, which i think caused my mouth to erupt in canker sores. Canker sores all through my mouth and down my throat. It was excruciating. All this time I tried so hard to decide what to do for the challenge. I just couldn't do it. I kept obsessing over my choice, thinking that maybe there was a better choice i could make. It was insane. So, nothing got started.

Also, there was a lot of sleeping on the couch.

I did start making a quilt for Olivia's baby. The quilt top went together pretty easy, minus a small mistake i made while cutting (I need serious practice with my rotary cutter). I'm having a SUPER hard time quilting it though. Ive tried hand quilting machine quilting and it just keeps bunching. I'm tempted to just tie it....but maybe i'll do a little quilting research today at work before i resort to that.

Next weeks challenge: Polka Dot.....and I'm actually doing this one. I already have an idea, fabric, pattern and supplies. Just need to start cutting.

Hubs is working a lot this week, maybe Ill have enough time to do last weeks too.....maybe.


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