Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Challenge: Week 5

Ombre is a trend I have been completely taken with. I absolutely love, it seems, all things ombre. Maybe I've even painted my nails ombre.

I've thought about painting my sewing desk ombre...

via Pinterest

Dreamed about painting my houses' staircase ombre...

via Pinterest

And bought the supplies to make dip dyed ombre curtains out of some bland blackout curtains we already owned (bought the supplies almost a year ago but havent done yet). 

via Pinterest
Despite this love of ombre I didnt even think of it when brainstorming for my categories. Thank God Manda did!

Per usual, I was kinda torn about what i wanted to do for the challenge. I thought initially that I would make a whitedress and   then dip dye it.  During a conversation with Manda, I realized this was probably a bad idea. I told her my plan to dye my fabric and her exact words were "Ain't nobody got time for that shit". True words. I had ombre fabric in my stash. I used that. 

I made Simplicity 1662 view B.

Super easy until I was putting on the waistband. I have no idea what happened, but i had way more fabric then I needed, and it wasn't   supposed to be gathered. Not wanting to take any of the stitches i had already put in out, I just took a couple tucks. LAZY.

I really like how it turned out, but i think I'm  gonna have to secure the front "flap".  It's windy in New England and I'm afraid that if I don't things are gonna get indecent. 


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