Sunday, November 28, 2010

Loong Weekend.

I have been off from work since Thursday. It has been FABULOUS. Hubs and I had four full days of turkey and relaxation. There was lots of napping, crafting and movie watching. Needless to say, I am dreading putting on real people clothes and heading off to work in the morning. I think the couch and my sweats will miss me.
Today, Hubs and I put up the tree. My mother in law thinks I was crazy for putting it up since we'll be away for the holidays, but could pass it up. I love sitting in the dark with only the tree lights during the holidays. Plus, it's a fake tree, so why not right?
Last year I convinced Hubs to buy a fake tree. He was so completely against it, but I wore him down. I hate the maintenance of a real tree. It's impossible to ever get all those needles out of the floor. Also, it's impossible to not get covered in sap when u are putting the tree up and taking it down. Once it's up Guinness considers it his personal water bowl. I hate him drinking that filthy water. Finally, they are expensive, I hate the smell, and when I touch them I get a rash. Fake trees don't need water or cleanup and they don't smell like anything. Perfect.

I love our tree.

What do u think? Are u a real tree person or a fake tree person?


Anne said...

i hear ya...soooo hard to go back after the long weekend! you must be getting so excited for your trip! i'm jealous!!

Heidi said...

Wait, you hate the smell of Christmas trees? Are you sure you wrote that correctly? It must be an error because aside from freshly cut grass, it's the best smell EVER!

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