Monday, December 13, 2010

Modern Art and the Moon Man

I take the train to work on most days. The station that I catch the train at has been going through a facelift. Actually, to be truthful, the old station was leveled and a new station built. It's taken awhile. They completely refashioned the area around the station. It wasn't a really nice area, and the station was really dangerous. It was redesigned so that it was more open and less dangerous.

A few weeks ago they added a piece of sculpture to the entrance of the station. It kinda creeps me out, but I've found that just about half of modern art (especially sculpture) has that effect on me. This particular sculpture is a "moon man". What do you think?

I just find it so disconcerting, and I'm not really sure why. The other day, I got off the train and noticed that they had decorated the moon man for Christmas. I didn't take a picture that night, but made Hubs take one for me the other day. (The picture above actually was taken after the Santa's hat had been ripped off the first time).

I almost peed myself when I saw the hat. I hadn't thought it was possible to make something so silly look even sillier. Apparently, there is nothing that the miracle of Christmas can't achieve!


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