Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Party Time

I've been really bad with updating again. I have swollen manly, old lady hands.

Now, I realize those two descriptions don't exactly go together (manly and old lady) so I'll explain. The swelling, regardless of how much I water I drink or immerse myself in, makes my hands puffy and big like man hands. The numbness, which really is caused by the swelling, makes my hands feel gnarly and arthritic, like an old lady. Hence, how I have manly old lady hands.

I'm on the computer at work all day, which is probably the worst thing ever for my hands. By the time I get home, I just can't imagine typing out my blog entries.  I had been doing them on my phone on the train, but lately I’ve been getting a weird feeling in my hands from that too.  Honestly, I am just a mess until this baby decides to come out and play.   Maybe I should get Dragon until she arrives? Anyone from Nuance out there that wants me to product test for them (I really don’t want to buy it for myself)??

Some days, most days now really, I feel like I could just sit in a room and complain until I am blue in the face, or crying.  I try really really hard not to do that, since really, these are all problems of my own making.  I wanted to be pregnant….desperately really.   Anyway, that digression over,  here I am, powering through the tingles and soreness to tell you about my Maine baby shower. Yay!

My sister through the shower for me a couple of Saturdays ago at her little house in Maine.  She rents the most adorable house I have ever seen (for about half the price of my Boston 2 bedroom I might add). I’m actually pretty jealous of the fact that she comes home to an actual house that is all her own.  I’m even more jealous of the fact that it costs half as much as my apartment does, and there’s no kid that lives above her that doesn’t know the difference between running and walking.  (This kid could be a whole blog article in itself, but I won’t, because my feelings are strong, and the internet isn’t very private.  Don’t want to get myself in trouble or anything.)  The shower had a very good turn out, and it was packed to the brim with people.

My niece and nephew were there early so that they could greet everyone and help setup.  They however, were told they were going to a “baby party” not a shower.  My nephew, Tommy, is terrified of the shower. When my sister asked if he was going to come to my baby shower he didn’t understand.  He thought he was going to have to get into the shower.  To keep him from being scared, they decided to tell the kids it was a “baby party”.  I think this is the most adorable story ever, well aside from how they have to tell him that they are “going to play in the rain” when he actually needs to take a shower.

The decorations were adorable and very girly (my favorite).  And Hubs and I got tons of stuff for Baby O.  I don’t think I’m going to have to buy her a stitch of clothing until her first birthday J It was really fun to see everyone, and to catch up. 

I don’t have very many pictures of myself at the shower, since I was preoccupied with being the guest of honor, but here are a few I took of the decorations and preparations before.
Tommy - my nephew - adorable

I <3 Cupcakes 

My Niece - Brooklyn - "helping"my sister.  She really loves helping.

Diaper Wreath my sister made - still can't bring myself to take it apart

Decorations on the food table - English Daisies - my absolute favorite


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