Friday, April 15, 2011

The Devils in the (Nursery) Details

For the last two nights Hubs and I have been working on the baby's room.  We had been working on it for awhile, but hadn't completely finished.  All the big cleaning had been done, but there were a few little details that still needed to be completed.  We figured this week was a good time to do it since my baby shower in Maine is tomorrow. 

While Hubs did all the handy and heavy lifting tasks (hanging bookshelves and moving crap to the basement), I worked on finishing the wall hanging banner thingy I had made to go over the baby's crib (which we still don't  Awhile ago, way before my hand froze up, I crocheted a heart for each one of the letters in the baby's name.  Recently, I had added the letters of her name to each of the hearts, crocheted up a few butterflies (the baby's favorite, or so I have myself convinced), and sewed them all to a pretty pink ribbon.   When I tried to hang it, things didn't go so well.  The hearts were floppy and I sewed them to the ribbon way too close to the middle.  It looked like a bright pink mess...with butterflies.

I decided what the hearts needed was a nice starch and iron. So last night, that's exactly what I did.  I am in LOVE with spray starch.  Hubs had bought Niagara starch (is there another kind? I don't even know), and I absolutely LOVE the way it smells.  I don't know when I'll ever get a chance to use it again, but it smelled awesome.  Hubs agreed with me that it smelled great, but will probably use it again shortly, since he loves a nicely starched dress shirt.

Once the hearts were nicely starched and ironed I brought the ribbon out and started to assemble.  I had decided this time I was going to hot glue the hearts onto the ribbon.  I thought it would be sturdier..and wouldn't hurt my hand so much.  It seemed like a great idea, until I glued all the letters on backwards.  TWICE!

Hubs had to come and lay the hearts out for me so to make sure that I didn't glue O-L-I-V-I-A backwards (A-I-V-I-L-O) for the third time.  Finally, I got it right.  It really took some finagling with the ribbon, since there was no way that they were coming off on their own.  I had to cut each piece off of the ribbon and re-glue them to a new piece.  Actually, in the back the hearts are glued to white ribbon, cause I ran out of pink.

It's a little fuzzy...but can you see what I did??

Once we got it on the wall I thought it looked adorable, and wasn't so worried about how silly and messed up the back looks.  Hopefully the baby won't want to know why it isn't all hanging on the pretty pink ribbon. What do you think?

With the shelf that Hubs hung. How cute is it that Minnie and Mickey's tails are hanging down?? I died.

Baby Olivia :)


Lindsay said...

Yup, that's right, your baby shower in Maine is tomorrow!! I'm really looking forward to it. What a fantastic job you did on Olivia's banner. It came out (finally lol!) so nice :) You definately have got some skill. Baby Olivia sure is lucky to have you for a mom :) Take great care pretty lady!! :)

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