Monday, July 18, 2011

Blogging.... with a Baby

Before I had Olivia I thought it would be easier to get my blog articles written. I saw my eight weeks of maternity leave as a great expanse of free time I could get lots of crafting done in. Oh how naive I was.

I went back to work on Tuesday July 5th (thank God for the Monday holiday) and I have blogged once since the baby was born. I've crocheted twice and sewed once (and it was such a disaster it ended up in the trash).

What have I been doing?Well, I've become friends with this contraption:

I've desperately been clinging to breastfeeding as it's the only thing I planned for Olivia that I've been able to stick to....kinda. She never really took to nursing and after the second mastitis, I gave up and cozied up to my pump. We spend 15 minutes together every four hours. I find it absolutely exhausting but am trying to keep at it.

I've spent a lot of time just gazing at this beautiful face:

It's hard for me to accept sometimes that this beautiful little baby is mine. I remember carrying her for eight months but it's still completely surreal. I spent most of my maternity leave absolutely awestruck at the beauty of how life is created and that I'd actually made a human being. I'm still awestruck. Shes's just a beautiful absolutely wonderful miracle. I can't get over it.

I've changed dozens and dozens of tiny diapers, folded tiny clothes and filled bottles. I've learned how to get good burps and how it it not a good idea to feed her cold milk (even if she's crying hysterically).

Of all the things I've been doing my absolute favorite is sleeping with the baby on my chest, like my sister in law is doing in this picture:

There's really nothing better than having tiny baby snuggles. I'm completely addicted.

So, to sum up a long story, I'll get back to crafting soon. For now I am just too preoccupied with my little baby to pick up my crochet hook or pull out my sewing machine :)


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