Thursday, July 21, 2011

Extreme Couponing Diapers

Hubs and I started buying the paper and using coupons a few months ago. I've used coupons on and off for years, but never as many as we are using now.

We started our couponing trips basically cause hubs was bored. Of course we had watched the TLC show a few times and he was intrigued He found a bunch of coupon blogs online and decided to give it a shot. He's very detail oriented and took to it right away. At first we only couponed at the grocery store. We have since added CVS to our couponing routine (if u can call it that). I really like the CVS trip. I'm a sucker for drugstore products.

Last week, we headed over to CVS for our weekly trip. We had all our coupons and extra bucks ready. I had received some coupons from Huggies in the mail so we brought those too. The baby needed diapers (basically the baby always needs diapers...babies poop a lot). When we got there I went straight to the baby aisle to check out the goods. What I saw was a sale so incredible that I filled my arms and ran to get Hubs. The Pure and Natural diapers that I like were 75% off in newborn and 50% off in size 1.

Not only were the newborn diapers on sale for 2.74 (why I have no idea) but I had a coupon for $2 off!!!

We bought everything on the shelf....4 packages of newborn, 2 of size 1. What we didn't realize then is that CVS has a buy six Huggies get one free program going. We ended up getting a free bag of diapers for buying all these heavily discounted ones! Bonus!!

Each package was supposed to be 10.49, meaning that all together we should have paid near to $66 dollars for what we got. We paid about $19 for them all.

Hubs and I were psyched about our find. We checked a few more stores to see if we could cash in more. But they were only 25% off there. I have no idea why they were so cheap at the first CVS we went to, but I don't care. Olivia's butt is covered, with organic cotton, and I didn't have to give up my morning coffee to do it.

There she is...enjoying her organic cotton diapers with her puppy.  She loves how thrifty we are :)


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