Monday, September 19, 2011

Daddy's Diaper Bag

Hubs needed a diaper bag, since mine was too "flowery" for him.  I decided I would try my hand at making one for him instead of buying it.  I used this tutorial as a guide. 

I added magnetic snaps to the front flap for a closure.  I had never done this before, but had bought some for a project I never finished ages ago.  It was a lot easier to add them than I had anticipated and I think it gave the bag an almost store bought look.

 In the tutorial they made the strap out of the same material as the bag.  I bought some belt webbing (is that what it's really called even? I don't know) because I thought it may look more "manly".  When I got to the strap part, I thought it looked a little narrow, so I put two pieces together and zig-zagged them.  I think it looks pretty cool.

The lining was made of just a basic muslin and has three pockets on one side and two on the other.  The tutorial suggested using vinyl to make it easier to clean...but I was scared.  I've never sewn with vinyl before.  I didn't think this was the project to start!

 There's plenty of room inside for all the things that Daddy's need to keep their baby girl's happy.

Two more pockets on the front.  I can't think of what I use these for when I pack the bag for Hubs.  Maybe pacifiers?

And finally, there is one zippered on the back.

I'm really happy with how the bag came out.  I think it looks really good, and, best part, Hubs actually uses it. Now if I could only get him to empty it of bottles and poopy clothes..... one step at a time I guess.


andrea said...

This is an awesome idea... and I think it can be applied to lots of other things besides baby bags and it will make wives much happier :) I think I'm going to request someone to teach me how to make a tie!!

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