Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pears from the Pear Tree

My parents have a pear tree in their yard.  It doesn't bear the prettiest or most symmetrical fruit, but (I don't discriminate...) its usually pretty loaded down.  Hubs and I had been anxiously waiting for this years pear harvest.  We thought we could use some of the pears to can with.

Over Labor Day weekend we went up to see my parents in Maine.  My mom had a BAG full of pears waiting for us.  Apparently they were starting to get rip, then Hurricane Irene knocked a bunch of them off the tree.  I guess she decided they were ready to be harvested.

Talking about Hurricane Irene, it was really nothing more than a rainstorm for Hubs, Olivia and I in Boston.  Somehow, in Maine, it was much worse.  The wind was awful and there were lots of power outages.  We've lost our power at least three times this summer during thunderstorms, but didn't lose it during the hurricane.  Go figure.  Weather is so weird isn't it?

We stayed in Maine until Monday since it was a holiday.  The bag of pears came home with us, along with lots of fresh veggies from my mom's garden.  She even grew potatoes this year (which I am soooo excited to eat).  I put the bag on the dining room table when we got home and it stayed there until Wednesday of that week.  I only left it there for one day (which is really good for busy/lazy me)!

Wednesday night, when I picked through the pears it was a very sad sight.  Lots of pears had gone bad and were soft and moldy.  I started picking out the bad ones, but realized it would be much easier to just take out the good ones.  Unfortunately, there were only a few pears left that were good.  So much for canning :(

Hubs and I decided to make desert with our remaining pears.  We made a pear crumble.  It was both easy and delicious.  It didn't make a ton because the pears were pretty small, but there was just enough for us to  enjoy it Wednesday and Thursday night.

Doesn't it look good???

I asked Hubs to send me the recipe so I could post it, but he must of forgot.  Now a week later I'm sure he doesn't even remember where he found it.  You'll just have to trust me that it was easy and really yummy.

What was Miss Olivia doing while Hubs and I were being culinary geniuses in the kitchen?  She was sleeping in the living room in her little Rock N Play Sleeper.  She had her 4 month check-up that morning and got her vaccinations.  She decided the experience was just too much for her and that she needed to recover by sleeping the entire day and night.  If I remember correctly, it was an awful rainy day.  I think she had the right idea!

I know she's my child, but she's just too cute isn't she??  Look at how she's holding that blankie like she has complete control of her hands :)


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