Friday, August 31, 2012


I've been trying to decide how I want to write this blog entry for awhile and honestly.......I've got nothing. It's been 338 (ish depending on when I actually post this) days since I last posted. That's almost a year! I have SOOOOOO many excuses, but does it really matter? Probably not.....because despite all of those........I'm gonna start blogging again!! YAY!!

Soooooooo.......that being said, I've decided to make a few "alterations" to the format of the blog. I'm going to write more about ALL the creative things that interest me, not JUST do it yourself projects. I considered starting a new blog all together, but then I would lose all of you who actually stuck with me during those last 338 days (if there are any of you that fit that criteria out there).
From now on, I'm gonna post about makeup, fashion, photography, crafts, sewing......just general creativity in my life. Oh, and of course.....I'm gonna have to add a little bit about being a mommy to my gorgeous little girl.

What I'm NOT going to post about anymore is anyone that isn't in my DIRECT family (aka, me, Hubs, Olivia and Guin). Over my sabbatical (such a great word right??) there was an incident with my blog and words that I had "supposedly" written about a family member. I am very careful about what I say here, realizing that it is being posted for anyone, anywhere in the world to see. I know that I never have and NEVER would use this blog to say anything hurtful. But, I just really hated being put in that situation. Especially the part where I had to explain to this person that I never said anything bad about them on a blog that they didn't even know existed.
Enough about that... :)

I'm REALLY excited to be back! I really (can I say really again??) enjoyed blogging before, even though my readership is nearly non-existant. Who knows.....maybe this time will be different......

I can't promise to post everyday....because I know that probably won't happen.....but I promise to post interesting :)

Finally, I'll leave you with one of the 2,506 photos on my phone......cause......who wants a post without a photo?? Right??


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