Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inspiration: Mini Boden

Today while looking over my Gmail, I stumbled over to Nordstrom (seriously my favorite department store), and found myself looking through the baby clothes.  I just love to dress Olivia.  She looks cute in seriously EVERYTHING!  

I came across this line of clothes called Mini Boden.........OHMYGOSH.......... I'm in love!  Olivia is a very lucky baby, that has a wardrobe mostly consisting of pieces from Janie and Jack.  I think Janie and Jack is just absolutely adorable, and thankfully have a sister in law who works there and can hook me up.  But, Mini Boden, welcome to my life, I think Liv will be wearing some of you soon too.

Actually, part of what I liked about the Mini Boden clothes were how much I thought that I would be able to recreate them myself.  I have been dying for the time to actually make Olivia some clothes by hand.   Maybe I could start slow by throwing some appliques, like these, only already made clothes......

Mini Boden

Mini Boden

Mini Boden via Nordstrom
Mini Boden

The top with the butterflies is a Little Girl top, and not a baby one, but how adorable is that?  When Olivia was in the belly I decided to do her room with a butterfly pattern and then just went crazy with the butterfly accents.  To this day, whenever I see butterflies I associate them with her.  I love to put her in things with butterflies....call me crazy....but I just feel like she loves them as much as I do.

Oh....by the way..... look at me I finally got a blog post out!!  YAY!  


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