Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Chaise of my very Own!

Sunday afternoon Hubs and I decided to go furniture shopping for a couch.  We have been in a market for a new living room set for about two years.  When we moved into our first apartment together we picked out a beautiful, but very unchild friendly, living room set.  The couch, chair and ottoman are a pale yellow color.  It was a very nice color when we first bought them.  The coffee table and end table that we got to go with it were wood and glass.  As a set it screamed, "early twenties and not planning on having kids for a long time".  Five years later, the couch is filthy and destroyed.  It didn't help that the furnace in our previous apartment broke (unbenounced to us) and threw soot onto our lovely light furniture; soot that didn't wash out too readily. 

After two years of searching and many upsets, we found a new living room set that stood up to our high standards.  What are those standards you ask? 

1. Must be comfy
2. Must be dark colored
3. Cannot be canvas or leather
4. Must be affordable.

Yeah, we were asking for a lot, but.....we found it, and....this is the best part.........in a SECTIONAL, WITH A CHAISE!!
You may not know this about me, but I have been in a love affair with sleep for basically my whole life.   Though, once I got pregnant, this love affair turned elicit.  Sleep and I are always together.  We just can't get enough of each other.  But, we long for more comfortable places to meet up.  The chaise on the new couch is it.  This is where my pregnantness and sleep will finally find their perfect meeting spot.  I cannot wait.

Since our couch was in stock (YAY!) we were able to get delivery right away.  The couch was set to be delivered on Tuesday (yup...today!).  Yesterday was a big day of cleaning and rearranging.  We decided to put the old couch in the baby's room for now.  Once we get a slipcover for it, it should make a nice addition to the nursery.  Guinness was none too pleased when we took away his couch.  We told him it was just going into his little sister's room and that we were getting a new one, but he just didn't believe.  He was most mad that we took away the perch that he used to sit on to look out the window.  He expressed his disapproval to us last night by ripping up as much stuff around the house as he could find.  It wasn't a good side of him.  Neither Hubs or I was impressed.

Hubs was home today when the couch was delivered, and said Guinness was very confused. Once it was all assembled he understood, and realized that his window watching perch was back.  Hubs sent me a few pictures of Guinness and the new couch.

Looks to me like Guinness is very sorry that he ever doubted us about the new couch.

I can't wait to get home and lay on my chaise.  I told Hubs to have my snuggie ready for me on my spot, and to not get any ideas about sitting there himself.   


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