Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last Thursday Anne and I attended a Holiday Card making workshop at the PaperSource in Brookline. They called it "Girls Night Out" and served wine and treats.

I had been wanting to take a class at PaperSource for a long time. I discovered the store when Hubs and I were engaged. I had wanted to make our invitations. To be honest, I wanted to make EVERYTHING! I ended up making the Save the Dates, programs, bridal shower thank yous, centerpieces, so much , bit not the invites. Hubby won out on that. But, did I hand address them? Absolutely. What is the sense of being engaged for two years if I can't be detail oriented.

Anyways, Anne and I decided to sign up for a couple of the holiday classes at PaperSource this year. The Girls Night out was our first class. We had a fabulous time. It really was a great experience. We had tons of fun making the cards. The girls that shared the class were great. It was really nice to craft and chat after a long day of work. The kid in me loved being in the store after it closed too :)

The class coat $35 and I think it was a very reasonable price. We came home with a ton of supplies.

Here are the cards I made, starting with my two favorites.

I think this is the card I'm going to make to send Hubs clients from the firm. It looks so fancy and it's so easy. It's just a stamp and some sparkly puffy paint!

This is the card I think I am going to make to send to family in Maine and Ireland. How cute is it? I had never tried embossing before, but I love it. I need to buy an embossing gun.

I love this next card, and would love to send it out, but I just don't think it would survive the postal service :)

I really like the stamp on this card with the Christmas tree, but I just can't see Hubs letting me buy so many stamps for x-mas cards. They aren't cheap. Lol. He would be right.

I love sewing the best of course, but who can resist a pretty paper craft?


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