Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update: I'm still alive.....

I haven't written in a couple of days.  Sorry.  At first, I just didn't have anything to write, then I just got lazy.  September and October haven't been stellar months for me and my crafting.  It will get better (well, it has to, I have EIGHT dollhouse orders to fill before Christmas, possibly nine).

What has happened since I last updated? Let me tell you.....

Anne and I went to another card making class at Paper-Source.  This one was for Holiday Cards and Tags, and was a little more advanced.  It was so much fun.  I have pictures.  At the end of the class the teacher told us that we could take any leftovers that we wanted.  I turned into a vulture and grabbed everything I could without getting noticed.  In my defense, that stuff is really expensive and she was giving it out for free.  A wise man (classmate) in college once told me "If it's free....take two".  I like to live by that motto as much as possible, without looking greedy

My mom, sister and sister - in - law, came down for a crafting shopping trip.  We went to all the different crafty locations in Boston and Dorchester, as well as the Disney Store.  My sister in law was determined to buy a Snow White Doll for Brooklyn for Christmas.  We started the morning off at The Stitch House in Dorchester.  It sells yarn and some sewing stuff.  I had never been but had wanted to.  It made me want to take up knitting again and get good at it this time.  After a few non crafting stops we went in town for lunch.  We had lunch at B Good's new Downtown Crossing location.  I love B Good.  The food is delish.  Conveniently, my mother, who's a celiac, also loves B. Good because they have gluten free bread and will ask her if she has a wheat allergy before cooking her chicken.  It's really really hard to eat out when you have a gluten allergy.  We've found a couple good restaurants in the area, and usually stick to those when my mom comes to visit (B.Good, Legal Seafoods). After lunch we went to Windsor Button, then back into Dorchester to go to Sewfisticated.

I didn't really get to much, but my mom made a killing.  She's a big crocheter and bought a bunch of new books at Windsor Button.  I got some fabric at Sewfisticated, but that was about it.  I had wanted to get some buttons for the dollhouses but didn't see anything that whet my fancy.  Does anyone have a great store that they buy buttons from online?  That isn't too expensive? 

Sadly, that's about it.  I cut out the pieces for one of the dollhouses last night.  I'm hoping to do another tonight, and then sew them all up this weekend. 

Halloween is just around the corner :)


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