Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trick or Treat .....bags!

Remember how I made the Snow White Costume for my niece Brooklyn?  Well, I had wanted to make one for her brother, my nephew Tommy, but he already had a Spider-man costume.  Apparently, my brother and sister in law bought it for him last year, and since their children eat like monsters but don't gain weight (EVER), he decided to wear it again this year.  Tommy is PUMPED to be Spider-man.  I don't even think he remembers wearing the same costume last year.  Memory is such a fragile thing when you are 3 1/2.  Every time we ask Tommy what he's going to be for Halloween he flexes his muscles and says "I'm going to be STRONG!".  He's too cute.
Brooklyn and Tommy are very close in age.  They like to get equal amounts of attention from their Auntie.  They actually demand it.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to send up a fabulous (if I may say so myself) costume for Brookie, and nothing for Tommy.  I decided to make them treat bags to take trick or treating with them. 
I saw a treat bag at Michaels that served as the inspiration.  They were small, made out of felt and only 99 cents.  Sure, I could have bought it for them, but that's no fun at all.
I liked how small they were.  These children do not need candy for energy let me tell you, so any large amount of candy would just frustrate my brother and sister - in - law (and my parents for that matter).  Also, Tommy is allergic to corn, which is in basically everything.  I didn't want him to come back from Trick or Treating, empty his bag and see a huge load of candy, only to find out later he could eat basically two pieces.   I am so glad I don't have a corn allergy by the way.  It's BRUTAL!
I sewed the bags together with my machine.  To make them I used two pieces of felt of one color for the front, back and sides.  For the straps I used a contrasting color.  I used black thread on both because, well, it's Halloween.   Here they are:
Tommy's I made very boyish, with a bat, and skull, and boo! on the back:

The stitching on one side of Tommy's bag is a little off.  I just realized this last night.  I don't know if this was my fault or Guinness'.  It was hanging on the hall doorknob for quite a few days.  I feel like there may have been some tug of war going on. But, I could also just be a messy seamstress.  Um.......sorry Guin, I'm going to blame you on this one.
For Brooklyn I made a little princess bag.  I even hot glued some rhinestones on the crown.  For all you mommies out there that are worried she'll swallow the rhinestones, don't fear.  I was worried about this too.  I used LARGE amounts of glue to secure them to the bag.  Those puppies aren't going anywhere.

I love them.  I think they are adorable.  I realized how much I like working with felt while I was making these.  It's really easy to make what you want, and it doesn't fray.  Is anything better than that?


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