Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wristlet for my Mommy........

This weekend, when I was home in Maine, I showed my mom the wristlet I had made to go up to Saint A's with Sarah.  It was the perfect size for my camera and it's battery charger, so I had stashed them in it and thrown it in my bag.
The first time my mom looked at my wristlet she thought it was very cute, and told me I should make some more to sell.  Actually, my sister said the same thing.  To be honest, I have been considering making some stuff and selling it on Etsy, but that's a topic for another blog entry.  Sunday, on our ride to Jo-Ann's, my mom asked to see the wristlet again.  Then she said to my sister "Should I order one of these from Dorchester Designs to take to Disney?"  The answer was yes, and mom was sold.  
She decided she wanted to pick out her fabrics while we were at the fabric store.  I helped her, so to steer her away from any really ugly prints or color combinations.  It sounds awful, but my mom is always drawn to the flashiest (ugliest) things.  Sometimes I just have to reign her in.   Mom decided she didn't want a flower on her wristlet either, even though she assured me that she loved the flower on mine.
I put the wristlet together on Monday after finishing Brooklyn's Costume.  I loved not working and being able to craft all day.  My fingers are so crossed that Hubby's Law Firm hits it big and I can stop working (a little dreaming never hurt anyone).  Here's the finished product!

I put a little pocket on the inside.  I made it out of the corduroy that I used on the front.  I thought it would be cute to contrast the lining with the outside, but forgot that it was a different weight.  It's a little heavy...but still super cute. 
Instead, of the flower Mom and I picked out some buttons that had the same colors.  I really like them.  
What do you think?  


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