Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Cure?

Last night...after Harry Potter...we stopped by at my in laws neighbors. It was one of their birthdays and we were going to "have a drink" and say happy birthday. I married into an Irish family. There is no such thing as just one drink.

This morning....hubby and I woke up pretty hungover. My mother in law came over and suggested that we all take "the cure". Hubby was all for it. I resisted. I told them I was drinking vodka and coke...but I kinda just forgot to add the vodka.

What gets me about "The Cure" is that it never actually cures anything. If we were going to accurately describe what is being would need to be called "the temporary postponement of the Irish Flu". So not only did the one drink at the birthday party turn into several so did the one drink to get us back to normal.

So....lesson learned. Although I have learned this before. The Cure doesn't really cure anything at all. It just propels your night of heavy drinking to continue into a day of heavy drinking.

Somehow...I escaped this fate and will be able to wake up for work in the morning with a clear head. But the Hubby was not so lucky. He is laying beside me in I write this entry....explaining how he would love to be a platypus some day....if he were to get the chance....

Good luck to him in the morning is all I can say..


singlelutheran said...

Love the statement about the platypus! I know someone whose favorite animal is the platypus.


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