Friday, July 17, 2009

Seriously....Could my Life be any Weirder?

This morning was off to a pretty good start.  The hubby and I woke up before the alarm, and the dog actually slept through the night.

I had the day off.  My sister in law and I were going to go into town and meet the hubby for lunch.  Then we were going to nip up to Tiffanys for a little retail therapy.  It was a perfect plan...and a beautiful morning..

Hubby got in the shower, and I started some rice cooking on the stove.  The dog's stomach is still a little upset so he's been feasting on a bland diet of Cottage Cheese and Rice (yum yum!).  I went back to bed, turned on the Today show and cuddled with the family dog. 

BAAAANG!  CRASH!  (breaking noises)

Something had definitely happened in the bathroom. Hubby's kinda I thought maybe he had pulled down the caddy in the shower again.  I ran to the bathroom door...and pushed it open.  Family dog stuck his nose in the door and ran away (this shit is too crazy for me he thought for sure).

What did I see?  Hubby had fallen out of the shower....onto the floor.  How?  No idea.  What did he break in the process?  LOTS!

Thank God he was okay. But the didn't fare so well.  The tank was absolutely demolished and spouting water everywhere. Hubby was lying on the floor wrapped up in the shower curtain (good thing we don't have a shower door) just unable to make sense of what just happened.

One quick trip to home depot....sixty dollars...and a few hours of work...we'll have a brand new toilet...and one hell of a story to tell.

Moral of this story:  Keep the movent to a minimum when taking a shower...and....for god sakes don't ever buy a glass shower door. 

pictures to come.  You won't believe your eyes


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