Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recession Proof Your Ice Cream Cake

Tomorrow we're celebrating a birthday in the group at work. That means cake and a card. Think it sounds like that movie "Office Space". basically is.

This time I decided to make the cake myself and show off my prowess in the kitchen. Lets just say...I'm a cougar when it comes to cooking. What did I decide to make? Ice Cream Cake! And the cheapest ice cream cake ever.

I'm sure it will taste delicious....but did I use only Stop and Shop ingredients. HELLS YA!

How did I make it? Well....the hubby watched as I unwrapped four of the ice cream sandwiches and put them on the tin foil. Then I made a "filling".

The filling was made out of half the cool whip...a half cup of hot fudge....a package of instant chocolate pudding and eight crushed up fake oreos. It looked and tasted delish. The hubby watched over me and explained "If you need me to lick any spoons I'm right here okay?"

The filling was put in between the "layers" of the cake. And by layers....yes...I mean ice cream sandwiches.

Is it possible for an ice cream cake to be hood rich you ask? YES! Once all 12 of the cheap ass ice cream sandwiches are arranged into a cakeish gets frosted. What is the frosting you ask? COOL WHIP!

The saddest part of this whole cooking that the only part I enjoy is making it. I try not to eat sweets at work. There I am playing the part of the devoutly health conscious person who would never eat something so bad for her. But at home...that's where I stray. soon as this blog is finish I am going to swig my fourth glass of wine (how many glasses in a bottle?) and have an ice cream sandwich. Reviving ones soul is hard work.


Hermoine said...

OMG this is hilarious. Where did you find this recipe??? Also did this actually make it to work without melting - since we seem to be having the fist warm non-dreary rainy day in ages!

Muggle Born said...

It did make it to work without melting!! But I had to freeze it for awhile so it was a lot harder.
I got the recipe at

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