Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen: Start your Engines!

The hubby and I have planned to make the trek to Martha's Vineyard next weekend...despite the crowds...and celebrate a very important friend's birthday. It's guaranteed to be a weekend full of drunken fun. I can't wait!

*Quick aside: There is a shocking lack of commas in this blog. I know. Instead of commas the "..." has been employed. As an English major...I know this is heresy. Alas...the dog broke the comma key on my laptop. The only way to get a comma on the screen is to copy and paste one. I'm just too lazy. So...until I get a new laptop (which is hopefully soon). SORRY! *

The prospect of a summer weekend away leads me to one very important question. What to wear?? I'm sure we'll go out to a bar at least one night and everyone knows that one must look absolutely fabulous while getting drunk in public.

I couldn't think of more perfect reason to start my first project! I've decided to make this shirt for my trip...in blue. More to come!


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