Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Project #1 : Completed!

I have finished my first project!! Let me tell you....it was not as easy as I thought. The pattern was quite easy and had very simple instructions. But, did I choose a fabric that was easy to sew with? NO, of course I didn't.

I picked a blue sheer fabric, cause I had some in the house, and blue makes my eyes look nice. The first hurtle I had to overcome was learning how to do french seams. The pattern explained that french seams were one of the recommended methods of sewing on sheer fabrics (to prevent fraying through the seams). Great.

I took some time and learned how to do the french seams. Everything was moving along pretty well, and the pattern was so easy. I figured it wouldn't take me long before I was finished. I even took a break from sewing on Saturday to plant a garden out back with my hubby.

Then, I got to the sleeves, which were supposed to be cute and puffy, and elasticized. I tried and tried. I would sew the casing, exactly how the pattern said, and start to thread my elastic through. If the elastic didn't cause the material to fray out of the seam, then the safety pin I was using to get the elastic through the casing got caught. Finally...I just said screw it. Who needs Elastic sleeves anyways.

The rest of the shirt went by pretty uneventfully. Thank God.

When I was finished, I stepped back and took a look. Wow....I actually thought it looked good. Next project though, I'm using cotton.


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