Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Pregnancy Wardrobe

Early in my pregnancy, maybe at like 8 weeks I complained to my mother that my work pants were getting tight. She came down for a visit, took me to the maternity section of Macy's and bought me some maternity work pants. She said I was NOT to squish HER Irish baby. (Since I announced my pregnancy my mom has been telling everyone that she is having an Irish grandbaby. I guess all the other grandbabies are just French, like basically everyone else in Maine.) These maternity pants and another pair (which I received as a hand-me-down, from my friend Veronica) have been, basically, the extent of my maternity wardrobe, until last night.

I resisted against buying maternity clothes early on because of the price and size. They not only are pricey, most of them were just too big for me. I bought a bunch of tops at Forever 21 for like 5 dollars a piece in two sizes larger than what I usually wear. I wore these t shirts to work with my pants and cardigans. I would throw in a nice necklace to class it up a bit.  It became my pregnancy uniform.  For example:
14ish weeks

17 weeks

19 weeks

20ish weeks

(Where are most of these pictures taken?  Umm...at my work.  They have great full size mirrors in the bathroom and the gym locker room.  Housekeeping keeps the glass on these mirrors much cleaner than I keep the glass on mine.  Can't blame a girl for seeing a good mirror and using it! )

This got me though basically 27 weeks of pregnancy (you'll have to trust me since I haven't updated my "bump" picture collection in a few weeks....). But, last Saturday I realized my "midriff" wasnt quite being covered in all the Forever 21 tees anymore. It was a sad day for my work wardrobe.

I had to go to the mall last night and spend an exorbitant amount of money on actual maternity clothes. Hopefully, it's enough to get me to June.

The new clothes are nice, but I miss my comfy tees. Thank goodness I will still be able to wear them at home where no one cares if I'm "business casual" or not.


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