Thursday, March 17, 2011

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

St. Patrick's Day in Boston is an event (to say the least). Schools and public offices in Suffolk County have the day off for "Evacuation Day". I think the day is meant to celebrate the evacuation of the Brittish from Massachusetts, but now it's become a day long evacuation of all the beer in the city.  St. Paddy's Day in Boston is a good ole fashioned, booze up that would make Ireland proud.

I'm not a bit Irish, but Hubs is 100%. He immigrated from Ireland with his mother and father when he was just a wee boy.

How perfectly Irish does he look??

I come from a primarily French-Canadian family in a primarily French-Canadian area. Before meeting Hubs I resisted celebrating the day. I just didn't buy that everyone was Irish on St. Paddy's Day (interestingly enough neither does he).

Since meeting Hubs I have loved celebrating his Irish heritage. I make sure to wear green, eat Irish food (and yes it's true the Irish really don't eat corned beef and cabbage) and drink Irish beverages (of the adult type).

This year I felt even more like celebrating, since I have half an Irish life growing inside me :) Unfortunately, none of my delicious Magners hard cider could be drank, but decided I would still celebrate.

I wore green.

Ate Irish food:
Our Irish foods before cooking.....

Ploughman's Lunch ....for Dinner

Kissed my favorite Irishman:

And lifted a Guinness to my face:

Who says a St. Paddy's Day isn't fun without drinking??


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