Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday Night Suppah

Growing up in Maine taught me to have a great appreciation for baked beans, especially on Saturday nights.  Saturday night in Maine is Bean Supper night.  A bean supper consists of Baked Beans (the brown and molasses kind...yum), hot dogs (Red Hot dogs if you are really a Mainer), coleslaw and brown bread.  In my house growing up the beans, coleslaw, hot dogs and brown bread was an absolute staple meal.  I loved it, except for when my mom served the red hot dogs.  My sister has always been a big fan of the doggies, but they just gross me out.  Even at a young age I knew that there was absolutely nothing healthy about a hot dog that was this color of red.
Last night, Hubs and I decided to make steak tips, and have beans on the side.  While it wasn't a traditional bean supper, it did feel pretty close.  Since we were having beans I suggested to get a can of the brown bread to go with it.  Yup, I said bread and can.  It's both economical and delicious....the perfect food.

My Hubs had never tried Brown Bread from a can.  Even though he's been living in Boston since he was three, I would use the term "American" on him very loosely.  Hubs is an Irish boy living in America.  He's been making fun of my love of the bread in a can for years.  I'm pretty sure the only reason we had the bread last night is because I'm pregnant, and he was humoring me.

Hubs made me handle the bread, since he didn't even know how to get it out of the can.  Just use the can opener to open both the top and bottom and then push it out.  Once out, the ribs of the can serve as the perfect cutting lines.

My mouth is watering right now!!

Hubs cooked the steak tips and beans, filled the dishwasher and tantalized Guinness with the delicious food.  I took pictures and cut and toasted the bread (my largeness makes me much slower).  
As my niece would say "Yum, yum, yum ....De-wish-ish"
Did I mention Hubs tantalized me with beer??
Drop some!!

This is what took me so long, I was distracted by my image in the
Not only was supper delicious, but Hubs LOVED the brown bread.  After YEARS, and I mean years of making fun of me, he had THREE pieces (okay..maybe two and a half).  Maybe it's weird....but delicious and weird.  Being right (especially when you are right and full) feels soooooo good.


Anne said...

too funny about the red hot dogs...david and i were at sunday river a couple years ago and i ordered a chili dog for lunch. i was stunned and grossed out when i saw it was bright red/pinkish!!! the waitress girl insisted it was a "maine" thing and they tasted normal, but i could NOT eat it! hahaha

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