Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Looking for Inspiration

I'm so incredibly excited to start my next dollhouse.  I had wanted to start it last night, but by the time I got home from the gym and ate supper it was already 10 o' clock.  I love going to the gym, but it's hard for me after work.  Unfortunately, that's the only time Hubs and I can go together, so we go.  It would have been better if Project Runway was on, but alas.
Even though I haven't technically cut anything out for the new dollhouse, I have been extensively preparing.  This dollhouse is being made for Dorchester Designs very first paid customer EVER, so want it to be perfect (or as close to perfect as possible).  My client requested that the house be yellow, have a red door, blackberry bush, purple lupines and a soccer ball.  Apparently, the little girl that will be getting the house loves soccer and blackberries.  I absolutely love the idea that the dollhouse could be so personalized for this child that it could become a treasured childhood toy.  Maybe my head needs to just deflate a bit....
Saturday I did a little craft shopping with my Mom.  It was her birthday so she came down from Maine to visit.  We went to Windsor Button and Sew Fisticated Fabrics.  I got the cutest little soccer ball buttons and yellow fabric for the dollhouse. I also got a printed fabric with doggies in their houses and cars.  I'm going to try to use some of that on the house and then the rest to make a jacket for Mr. Guinness.
All this thinking about the dollhouse got me thinking about other things I could sell, and where I should sell it.  I had toyed with the idea of having an Etsy store awhile ago, but decided against it.  There are so many sellers on Etsy.  The research I did (googling of course) told me that I would need to spend a lot more money to keep my Etsy store alive then I would ever make.  That is, unless I got lucky and hit it big, which looked to be about a one in a million chance.  Another thing I thought about was going to craft fairs in the area and selling my wares, but that's more of something I would need to do next year.  I would need more time to make stuff.  Finally, I thought, what if I made a page off of my blog (like the about me page, or the sewing portfolio page) that showcased some of the things I could sell and how much I would charge.  This is the idea I liked the best.  But, honestly, what you guys like the best is what really matters?  Would you like if I had a page showcasing things that you could buy from me (at a very reasonable price)?
Once I came up with the idea of the page, I started wondering what I could make.  Now, I know it sounds like this is a nice progression of thoughts, but don't be fooled these thoughts come to me quick, and all jumbled up.  I have to pull them out, spin them around and put them back to make sense of them.  You must be thinking.....oooookay.....
So, what could I make?  I scoured the Internet for ideas.  I like making the dollhouses, so I thought maybe I could make other kid things.  I really like the felt play foods people are making.  I thought I might try my hand at some of those:
Aren't they so cute? 
What do you think? Should I have a For Sale page?  What would you like to see on it?


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