Monday, September 20, 2010

My Least favorite part of Sewing

My least favorite part of sewing is the pinning, transferring markings and cutting.  It's just uncomfortable.  My back is hunched over the table, or in the case of the costume I'm making, the coffee table, for a long time pinning out the patterns.  Then once the pinning is done you have to mark out all the lines and markings.  I don't know about you, but I NEVER cut multi size patterns, unless I'm making the biggest size.  I know the chances are slim, but I feel like maybe someday I'll lose weight and want those smaller sizes.

Today, was pinning and marking day for Brookie's costume.  Considering all the pieces that had to get marked and pinned I knew I wasn't going to get to cutting.  There are four different fabrics that go into the dress.
It's kinda ridiculous, since I'm making a size 1/2, but the store that I buy fabric from doesn't let you buy anything smaller than a yard.  Some of these fabrics I needed way less than a yard.  My pile of leftovers got pretty serious by the time I had pinned and trimmed a couple of the fabrics.

Anyways, my first step always, before pinning out the pattern is ironing it.  I know it sounds crazy, but I do iron the pattern.  I never used to, then I tried it, just for kicks, and my seams lined up so much nicer.  Maybe it's in my head....I don't know...but I still do it.
See all those deep wrinkles? I swear it makes a difference
My attempt at using the self timer to capture the pattern ironing.

I ended up pinning out the dark blue and the red material before giving up.  I got almost all the way with the yellow before realizing I was a bit shy for material.  I had left a little too much room on the left end.  Thank god I hadn't started cutting.  But I was way too frustrated by then to keep going.  

Another frustrating thing is that most of my pins look like this..
And are impossible to use.  I need to buy new pins I guess.  How did that even happen. 

More costume updates tomorrow. 

On a complete different note, I've decided to take part in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge over at  The rules are pretty simple, sew kids clothes for 1 hour a day for seven days.  They are explained in more detail here.   I'm off to a bad start already, cause I thought it started today and not yesterday.  Oh well.  I'll sew an extra hour :)  


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