Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Story of the Potato Stamps: An Epic Fail

I consider myself a very crafty person, since I like doing so many different crafty things.  Sewing is my favorite of course.  Most of the time I'm very happy with the crafts I make, but sometimes, they just come out awful.  So awful I can't even lie to myself and say that the mistakes give it charm. 
Sunday, one of these failed craft attempts happened.  It was failed at epic proportions.  I haven't been so disappointed with a craft project since Elementary Art Class with Mrs. Holman.  (Let's just say I wasn't gifted and talented art and she let me know it).  Sunday morning Hubs had a client meeting so I was left home alone.  Guinness was sleeping, like dogs do, and I noticed we had some potatoes growing old on the island in the kitchen.  I had seen a post with a potato stamp on one of my blogs last week and it was so cute.  I thought I would give it a try.  

I decided to try to carve Dorchester Designs into the potato.  I figured if it came out well I could stamp out a bunch of hang tags.  I was clearly way too ambitious.   

Not only were my letters too big (or maybe the potato was too small), I forgot that it should have been carved in the opposite direction.  I ended up with a terrible mess of backwards letters.....

I can tell you, I won't be marking any tags with this stamp.  Can you even tell what it says?  (I'm laughing hysterically as I write this by the way.  What a mess.)

Once I realized that stamp was ruined I tried to think of something a little easier to make.  A Jack-o-Lantern! Hubs loves Halloween.  I figured it was perfect.  How hard can a little circle with a rectangle and to triangles be.  

Well.....I'll let you be the judge:

This one at least looks okay when you look at the carving on the potato.  But, when it's stamped out I think it looks like the pumpkin had a stroke one one side of his mouth.  

I did stamp out a little card.  Hubs loved it, so I'll put it under his little pillow on Halloween... ha ha.. 

It was definitely fun making the stamps, even though they didn't turn out at all.  My hands smelled like raw potato for the whole day.  It reminded me of how much I used to love to eat raw potato when I was a kid.  I know it's weird, everyone tells me.  But I loved it. 

One last look at the stamps in their horribleness...ha ha (I can't stop laughing at myself):
Do you like it when people who are super crafty have failed crafts attempts?  I do.  I think it makes me feel like they are less super human.  Sometimes I look at craft blogs and I wonder if they ever make mistakes, cause I make a ton.  At least I share them with you so that we can all laugh together :)


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