Monday, September 6, 2010

Mini Bloomers - Finished!

I finished Julie's mini bloomers (from Colette Patterns) last night.  I meant to make a blog entry last night while drinking a glass of wine.  It was a good intention, but unfortunately, I LOVE white wine. One glass turned into two, and before I knew it the bottle was empty, it was morning, and I couldn't remember how I got to bed.

  Before I drank myself into a second Saturday coma (no work today...yay!!), I finished the bloomers.  I think they came out really good.  I made them out of cotton, cause I wanted them to match the tank top that I made last week.  I think they would hang a little differently if they were made out of a little bit silkier material (like the pattern suggested).

On the whole, I'm really pleased with them, and think it will make a really fun summery sleep set.  Julie, make sure you wear these before it gets too cold (or crank the heat).  Now for the moment you've been waiting

The Mini Bloomers and my legs 
I made the bloomers so that they would fit me, since Julie and I are about the same size.  I don't think my thighs are really made for these shorts, so you'll have to excuse them.  My thighs are a little large from running, but, at least my heart is healthy right?

In all their glory - minus my body
Here's a picture of the bloomers minus my body (less distractions that way.)  The cool thing about the legs is that they are completely adjustable.  The ribbon is actually laced through each of the legs.  You can pull it looser or tighter as you please.

Waistband Detail
I absolutely loved the look of the waistband.  There are actually two pieces of elastic that make up the waist.  I think it gives the effect of shirring at the top.  I really like how it looks all finished.

Leg opening - Ribbon detail
As I was explaining before, the leg openings are adjusted by a ribbon that is laced through them.  I thought this was a really cute idea that I didn't realize was part of the pattern before I started.  I had thought that there was elastic in the legs and that the bow was sewn on.  Oh no, each leg gets two button holes which I laced the ribbon through.  I think the effect is great.

Wrong side
I always like to show a picture of the wrong side of my work when I'm making clothes.  I've been trying really hard to make the inside look as professional as the out.  I was very impressed with my work on these.  The wrong side of the shorts looks fabulous, no fraying or ripping seams here!

My "tag"
I like to add my name to everything that I make that isn't for myself, so they are forced to remember.  I'm hoping that maybe someday they'll think of me when they need something sewn.  Since I don't have any tags with my name made yet, I embroidered it into a bit of the waistband seam.  I really need to get some tags made up.

What do you think? Will Julie like them?  I think they're really fun and cute.

Next up, another dollhouse!  When I posted Peyton's Dollhouse the response was fabulous!  This dollhouse is actually my first paying customer!  I better make it special right?  Oh don't worry....I have tricks up my sleeve :)


Anne said...

these are so cute, margie!!

Margie said...

Thanks Anne! I think they are super cute too. I think I'm going to make myself a pair :)

Julie said...

Love them! Can't wait to wear them...I will be sure to send you a photo!

Tasia said...

Super cute! Love the adjustable ribbons at the legs, and your fabric choice is adorable!

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