Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't cross a black cats path

I see the craziest things on the T. It's really the only thing I would miss if I got another job.

Today I was playing my game on my phone and noticed a little doggie on a leash by my feet. I looked quick.


Didn't look like a dog. I looked quick again.


Game is paused.

" Oh my god! It's a cat on a leash. Where is my camera. "

I have a freak magnet. They follow me. I don't mind really. It's gives me something to write about. Enjoy!


CraftyKatt said...

I used to have a cat on a leash for a while when I was younger. it was because we took it over from someone else and it was an outside cat, but we lived in an apartment, so the first weeks I took it out with a leash so it would learn which door to go to when he wants to come back in. :P But I never took it with me on the train O.o

Margie said...

oh, that scenario makes complete sense. I have no problem with having a cat on a leash for that reason :)

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