Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fit to be Tied

A few weeks ago I made this skirt over the weekend and wore it to work on Monday.  I love wearing my newly sewn clothes to work on Monday.  Anyways, I was in a braggy mood about it, cause I thought I had done a superb job sewing it, so I told my coworker Freddie that I had made it.  He was impressed (as I had hoped), and asked if I knew how to make ties.  I had never sewn, or even really thought about sewing, a tie in my life.  
Then Freddie announced that he was leaving for the Dana Farber (for a job, not cancer).  I had an idea, I would make him a tie for his going away gift.  It couldn't be that hard right?  Right?
I searched the Internet for a free pattern, cause why buy something if you can find it free.  I found this patterns on the purl bee:  I read through the directions and thought it sounded super simple.  I just needed to find fabric and heavy interfacing.  Saturday, I found the perfect fabric while cleaning out my stash, and went to the store for the interfacing.  I was ready to start. 
Monday, I started my cutting.  Tuesday, I finished the cutting, and ironed on the interfacing. Yesterday, was the sewing, ironing and completion day.  I had some issues but, I think the tie ended up looking pretty good when finished.  Since it is for a gift, I wanted to add a little tag for remembrance.  I stitched my initials on a piece of ribbon and attached it to the tie.  I figured it would serve a dual purpose, as it would be able to hold the little tie in the back too.  (look at how technical I am with my terms). 
So, what do you think?  Does it look okay?  Am I a pro now?  I'm already planning to make Hubs a tie to match my skirt for our special Walt Disney World Christmas Dinner!  He's pumped by the way :)


Anne said...

I am VERY impressed!!! You need to start a business.

Margie said...

Awww.... Thanks Anne! I really want to start a business. I have to figure out where to start ;)

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