Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Flower and the Bee

This week has been maybe the most insane week of my life.  I haven't had time bless myself, let alone work on any of my projects!  I didn't even make a blog entry yesterday!  Today, I decided, instead of leaving you high and dry and without a blog entry for the second day in a row, I would write about an older project (that I never really wrote about).

Hubs and I went down to Disney last year at the end of September.  We are both huge fans of Disney and Halloween, so we decided to buy tickets to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  The party (which was a blast) is held in the park after it closes, and attendees are encouraged to wear costumes.  We didn't have to be asked twice, we LOVE dressing up. 
But, what should we be?  The Hubster loves us to have matching costumes, so we set off to the costume stores to look.  First of all, Halloween costumes are incredibly expensive.   On top of that, they are mostly trampy (my issue) and small (Hubs issue). We looked and looked and looked, until Hubs saw this costume at Target that he fell in love with!
It was FIFTY dollars! Fifty!!  And Hubs was sure to only wear it once.  But, the sight gag was amazingly funny.  We kept looking but Hubs really wanted to be a bee.  I decided to take on the challenge of making the costumes.  Since he so loves the couples costumes, we decided it was only fitting for me to be a flower. 
For my costume I decided to make a tutu skirt with felt petals for the "flower" part.  I cut one inch strips of three different kinds of Tulle and tied them onto a ribbon.  

Once the tutu was finished I sewed on some felt petal shapes and to round out the flower.  To complete the costume I bought a yellow shirt (the pollen), and green leggings (the stem).  I thought it came out adorable if I say so myself. 

For Hubs, we went searching for a black zip up hooded sweat shirt.  I think we ended up finding the perfect one at Old Navy.  Then we took the sleeves off and turned over and stitched the ends to finish them.  Next we sewed stripes of yellow fabric on the front for the bee stripes.  On the hood I hot glued black pipe cleaners with yellow pom poms for the antennae.  My sister finished off the final stitches for me seconds before we left for the airport.  Did I mention I decided to make the costumes severely last minute?

We had a fabulous time at the party, and I think the costumes came out great.  Here's a picture of us in our costumes in front of the Pluto statue (we took the picture for Guinness who we had to leave at home).

 And one more silly picture of us in our costumes that I couldn't resist

I'm linking this up to the CSI Project's Sewing Challenge this week, here.



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