Monday, August 2, 2010

A Penny for my Thoughts

Ever imagine what life would be like if cliched phrases were real?  Take the phrase "A Penny for your Thoughts?" for example.  If that was real, I imagine I would be a millionaire, especially after this weekend.  My mind has been going overtime. I mean, I've been thinking probably about 20 dollars worth of pennies a day.

Sadly, as far as crafting goes this weekend was all thinking no doing.  I usually get a lot of crafting done in the morning when Hubs is sleeping.  Yet, this weekend we were up early both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday we had 8am dentist appointments (YUCK!), and Sunday we got up early to make a big breakfast for Hub's still motherless (6 more days till she comes back...thank god) family.

I had wanted to accomplish two projects over the weekend. I wanted to finish marking, cutting and sewing my floral tank top, and I wanted to refinish a tray that I had been meaning to redo for years.
Terrible, Horrible, Ugly Tray
Tank top Fabric/Pattern (I'm making the green one)

I hate the winter background on the tray almost as much as I hate the hunter green color of it.  It just has to go.  Everything about it is hideous.  Aside from that I didn't have very many ideas. I did some Internet searching for inspiration on Friday, and came up with this tray I loved:
 Hubs and I went to Home Depot to look for painted/designed tiles.  Could I find them? OF COURSE NOT!!  Back to the drawing board.  This morning, I saw a blog entry where they gussied up a tray with painted bottle caps.  I really liked that idea:
How cute does that look?  What with my family being full blown Irish immigrants and everything, the bottle cap finding and gathering stage would be easy.  I'm definitely keeping this idea as a possibility (the inexpensiveness of the project is intoxicating).

Yesterday, I took out my tank top to start marking.  Armed with a red and a white pencil I started to mark.  Neither of them showed on the cloth.  I pressed harder.  Nothing. I tried a real normal pencil.  Still couldn't see it.  I hate marking out patterns.  I love it when my size is the last on the multi-size pattern and I can just cut.  But, alas, I was second to last on this one, so marking was necessary.  My interest in the project kinda waned and my mind wandered to the fact that I had a dirty kitchen.  I left the tank top for the dishes expecting to return shortly.  I never returned.  Halfway through doing the dishes I got stressed out.  I like to clean when I'm stressed.  Now, instead of having a marked and cut tank top, I have a spotlessly clean kitchen. 

I'm hoping to be able to get some crafting done during the week, but my expectations are considerably low.  I've promised to make a co-worker a tie as his going away gift (got a new job).  I've never made a tie before so I'm hesitant.  I found some fabric yesterday, but it was ten dollars a yard.  I would hate to ruin ten dollar a yard fabric.  I just don't know what to do.....


Anne said...

LOVE the new layout!!! And those tray ideas are super cute :)

Margie said...

Thanks Anne!! As you can tell I was super productive at work today.

claire said...

I love the tray with painted bottle caps. :)

Margie said...

Thanks Claire! I agree it's a super cute idea. I'm saving all my caps now. Hopefully I'll be uploading some pictures of my own soon!

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