Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend Wrap up...a day late

Alas, the weekend has past again, and I am still tired.  But, today is Tuesday.  Only four more more days until it's the weekend again.  I can't wait until Friday at 5:30.  As Hubby has explained to me, Friday when you get out of work is the best part of the entire weekend.  It's never going to get any better than that.
The themes of this past weekend were cleaning and makeup.  I didn't plan on any real crafting projects, because with the way things had been going since my mother in law left for Ireland, I wasn't sure I'd be able to get to them. What I did get to was a whole lot of cleaning and shopping for makeup, which is a necessity in itself.
My sister in law, Sarah, has a fabulous setup in her room for putting on her makeup.  In front of her window she has a table setup with all her makeup on it, a mirror and an iPod charger.  Underneath she has drawers to store the makeup that she doesn't use as often.  I mentioned to her that I was really envious of this.  I really don't have a good place to put on or store my makeup.  I had it stored all over the place (half in the bathroom, half in the bedroom).   On Friday, Sarah and I went to the mall and shopped the Mac counter.  I got two eye shadows (Swish and Pink Freeze, both pinks ) and an eye liner pencil (Technakohl in GrayPrint).
On the way home, she suggested that I take my sewing table and turn it into a place for my makeup like she has.  
When we first moved into the apartment Hubs suggested that we setup half of the office as a craft room for me.  I was pumped.  We got a sweet drafting table at IKEA and I setup all my sewing stuff on it.   Did I ever use it?  Of course not.  But, where do I sew you ask?  I take my sewing machine into the dining room and setup on the dining room table.  I hate to be in the room all by myself when Hubs is home and watching TV.  I feel if I setup on the dining room table then I'm spending time with him.  Crazy...I know. 
Saturday morning, I set off to cleaning early.  The sewing table had become unrecognizably cluttered.  I cleaned until I could see it again and then started setting up my makeup.  It doesn't look like anything special really, but now I have a nice place to sit in the morning and apply my face.
Sunday we got up made breakfast and went on our weekend coffee run.  There's a new Mary Lou's in Quincy so we tried that out.  Hubs got a Creamy Chocolate Coconut and I got a Nutty Irishman.  Hubs coffee was far better than mine.  After Mary Lou's we went to the mall for a Sunday morning walk around, just to waste time before we went to the airport to get his mom.  
Hubs wanted to look at Spenser's and have a laugh. He hadn't been feeling good on Saturday and thought that looking at all the merchandise geared towards horney middle schoolers would make him laugh.  He was right.  They had these baby onesies with funny phrases on them.  They were absolutely hilarious.  I captured a few of the tamer ones on my iphone.
Finally, we picked up Sarah and went to the airport to wait for my Mother in law.  Thank god she was coming home.  We ended up waiting a little over an hour for her, but people watching at the airport is fabulous. The time just flew by.  Sarah and I were thinking we may need to just go to the airport on weekends to watch and make fun of people, even if we aren't waiting for someone.  There's some really interesting stuff going on there. 
That was my weekend.  Cleaning, makeup, onesies, airport, mother in law came home.  A nice and round weekend.  My mommy in law brought back so many pressies from Ireland for us.  Hubs and I are going to model some of them tonight for another blog entry.  I know it's kind of a week entry....but we'll make the pictures funny.  Promise. 


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