Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Peyton's Place

I got out of work early today (for being on call last week) and finished the dollhouse.  I made the dollhouse for my friend Heidi's daughter, Peyton, and I can't wait to send it to her.  I hope she loves it.  I don't want to sound like I have a big head or anything, but I think it's lookin' pretty good.

I setup a makeshift "studio" in the hallway with a white towel and a suitcase of beer.  I am that "classy".  After a bit of auto fixing in Picnik, I think the pictures actually look pretty professional.

There was a bit of a scary moment halfway through the photo shoot.  I went into the kitchen to get some packing tape to tape the towel to the wall (I told you I'm classy), and left Guinness with the dollhouse.  This was a classically bad move.  When I came back the dollhouse was in his mouth and one of the buttons were missing.  I thought for a minute he had swallowed it...and Hubs would be so mad at me (cause I really did know better), but thank God I found it.

Enough explanation already, you want to see Peyton's Dollhouse.  Here it is. Hope you like it.

Front of the House
I added a little "grass" around the bottom of the House when I got home today.  I think it was the last perfect touch.

Front Detail
I had cut out flowers from the front out of a printed material scrap I had, if you remember from a previous blog entry.  I changed my mind.  I was too lazy to sew the zig-zag around them, and frankly thought it would be too hard, so I decided on the embroidery.  I think it looks better.  I'm glad my laziness took over!

Back of the house
The back roof didn't line up correctly, which has been really bothering me because I measured, and measured, and measured again.  I was going to try to fix it, somehow, this afternoon, but I decided that it looks fine.  It kinda looks like a saltbox.  So, Heidi, if Peyton asks why the back roof is longer than the front, tell her that her dollhouse is a saltbox.  Okay?

Back Detail - Tree + Swing
 I love the cherry fabric that the tree is made from.  My Mom had made me a valence for the kitchen out of this fabric. Basically, this dollhouse was able to be made all from scraps I had, which is really fun for me, cause each piece has a memory of what I made with it (the first time).   I embroidered the rope for the little swing(in real life they show up much better).

Back Detail - Dog House
The dog house is Hub's contribution to Peyton's Place.  I wasn't sure, after making the tree, what else to put on the back.  He suggested a dog house.  It was a great idea.  Needless to say, Guinness was thrilled about the addition too.

Interior and "Exterior" of the House
The inside of the house came out a little puffy, and I like it.  I think it makes the dollhouse look comfy, like a pillow.

Interior Detail
 Inside the house I put a window with curtains and a picture frame.

Detail "picture frame"
 The picture frame just happens to be a "tag" with my business name on it.  I thought that was pretty clever of me.  Don't you think?

The "exterior" detail
 This is the outside area, inside the dollhouse.  I never wear green, so I didn't have any green fabric scraps.  I searched through all my material and couldn't find anything.  Then I remembered that I had a nightgown, in my re-purpose pile (that I wore for my sister's college graduation) that would be perfect, and here it is!! I love the way it looks as the grass.

Detail of Handles
 I cut the ribbon for the handles (which I got from buying running clothes at Aerie!) exactly the length that the book said to, but I thought it was a little long looking.  So I added one bow to each side to kinda shorten it up.

Button Detail
Finally, are the buttons.  I needed a button that stuck out to keep the house together when Peyton wasn't playing with it.  I saw these at the store last night, with little kids on them, and knew they were perfect.

This was the first toy that have ever really made.  I think it came out great.  I just hope Peyton feels the same way :)


Lisa J said...

Love the house Margie! My favorite parts are the embroidery detail and how it opens up to reveal a cute room! Are you going to sew any dolls or furniture to go inside?

Good for you for keeping the left brain alive! I used to scrapbook as my creative outlet when I was in a frustrating job. Now I don't have time but I would love to take a pottery wheel class someday.

Keep up the good work!


Heidi said...

Are you kidding??? She will LOVE it! Umm obviously it's a saltbox, that's clear. I love the flowers, the buttons, and frame the most! Oh, and Darren, the dog house is perfect! What a cool toy. Peyton will love her place :) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carol L. said...

This is just the cutest thing ever...any little girl would love to have one of these..Peyton is a lucky young lady

Julie said...

it's brilliant. I love it! can you make one for my cats? ;)

Jay said...

Wow! That is incredible. What a unique design for a little girl's dollhouse. I am sooo jealous my little girl doesn't have one. Great job, I am very impressed.

Margie said...

Thank you everyone for all your words of praise! I am incredibly flattered !!

Jay, if you are interested I am taking custom orders for the dollhouses (or really anything sewn that u can think of). I've been charging $20 for them. Send me an email if you would like one :)

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