Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Work-a-versary to me!

August 10th exactly a year ago was a very big day for me.  It was the day that I started my job that I have now at the hospital. I was very excited.  The job I had left had been slowly depressing me emotionally and financially for the last five years.  The new job paid much more and seemed like such a great opportunity.
365 days later, here I am, oddly enough, wearing exactly the same shirt that I wore to orientation last year (zebra print Calvin Klein short sleeved cardigan).  My heart feels differently than it did last year.  Last year it was full of mirth and excitement.  This year, it's just depressed and tired of my less than perfect working environment. 
In honor of my one year work-a-versary I've been thinking a lot about work.  I'm not happy in my job at all.  I'm not even sure if I'm happy with my career.  Unfortunately,  I seem to be good at what I do, and can make money doing it, so I stay.  I would LOVE to be able to do something creative, where I don't have to sit at my desk, in front of a computer all day.  I want to be in front of a sewing machine. 
Maybe there's a way where I can be a computer nerd that gets paid, and sit in front of a sewing machine? Maybe I can do sewing on the side.  Think I could get anyone to hire me to make sewing stuff?  These are the thoughts that have been going through my head all day.  What do you think , how hard would it really be to get a little side job sewing? 


Anne said...

I hear ya sista....I like my job, but it would be nice to have a creative outlet. I think we should start our own side business where we make gift baskets and diaper cakes! You can sew cute little baby clothes!

Margie said...

oh Anne, I absolutely agree!! We'll use your friend's baby shower as our coming out party :)

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