Friday, August 20, 2010

Naked in Times Square...........

Yesterday was a big day for me.  I shared my blog on facebook.  Now, to all of you who are reading, you may be thinking, "Wait, why is sharing your blog, which is on the Internet in the first, place a big deal?"  Honestly, having something public on the Internet is like walking around in Times Square.  People are only going to notice you if you want them too.  Now, if you took off your shirt and walked around in Times Square, you'd get noticed (small commotion only, it is New York City after all).  So, think about it this way, yesterday in regards to my blog, I took off my shirt and walked into Times Square and I'm very shy about my body......
Everything worked out okay though.  Better than okay.  I've gotten a lot of traffic to my little corner of the internet here since I posted the link on facebook.  Good thing I've been posting for over a year without advertising so there would be enough material for my new readers...haha.  I'm really excited though, and it's taking everything I have to do my work today, especially because my boss is away.  (She's been on vacation all week, and lets just say it's been a nice vacation for me and my co-worker too.)
This morning when I signed onto Blogger I saw that I had gone from 9 followers to 12. Woooohooo!  That's the biggest jump I've seen in MONTHS! No,  I'm considering on doing some sort of giveaway when I get to thirty followers.  I see this sort of thing happening in blog-land all the time, and I think it's good bribery motivation for you guys to sign up and follow me (you just need a Google account and really...who doesn't have one of those?)
Enough about that...sewing updates.  I didn't do a whole ton of sewing last night, cause Hubs wanted to finally use our new memberships to the Y (thanks to my Aquatics Supervisor brother in law who finagled them for us for no start up and only $42 a month!).  Before we went he had to set up his brother's new computer for him.  While he was setting it up I sewed.  I started doing the zig zag stitches around the decorations on the dollhouse exterior.  I didn't finish everything before he got home, but I got pretty far.

We went to the gym for about forty minutes.  I ran another two miles.  I had run two miles at my gym at work during my lunch already.  While I was running I watched Project Runway, which really got me pumped for doing some more sewing. But when I got home, I was just too tired to turn on the machine again.  It was already 8:30 and we hadn't eaten, so I just collapsed in the chair and watched TV.
Hubs and I watched the Real World New Orleans, which I may have mentioned is my guilty pleasure.  I love Jemmy and Knight.  In last week's episode Knight came off like a real douche, but this week he was better.  I'm pretty sure last week's doucheyness was just because of MTV's editing liberties.  I feel very confident that if I were to meet Knight we would be best friends.  He would get along so well with Hubs.  Hubs may be the red headed, less whorey, without a drug problem version of him.  Okay, well, maybe they aren't that much alike, they just both like to drink.
This weekend I plan on doing a lot of sewing and drinking a lot of coffee.  Updates to come.  Have a good weekend!


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