Friday, August 27, 2010

Finally Friday!!!

I only worked till 1:30 yesterday (my boss's idea of a half day.....don't get me started). I had a quick doctors appointment and then figured I would go home and work on the tank top.

If only that had happened I feel like I could be posting a picture of the finished product today ( yeah it looks that easy). Of course, I didn't do that. I got home, laid in the couch an played a rousing game of luxor, which I'm obsessed with in my iPhone right now. By the time I had to leave to grab Hubs in town as I had promised I had completed less than one step. I was tired. Lol

Hubs is on a gym kick right now cause he wants to lose a ton of weight before our vacation. Being the encouraging wife I am, I go with him, even though most days it's my second gym trip. Yesterday, Hubs an I went to the gym with his brother. They lift together. Patrick is Hubs' personal trainer. I knew we would be there for awhile so I settled in for a long run. Five miles later, I was way too beat to sew when we got home.

In summary, I have no updates to show today, but as a consolation prize I took a picture of myself at the gym after my run ( yeah I am that sketchy). I am embarrassingly disgusting......ENJOY!


Julie said...

haha love it!

Margie said...

I was so embarassed. I should have brought another shirt. LOL

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