Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tax Free Weekend

I promised you a post yesterday about my tax free weekend exploits.  I did a little shopping with Hubs and my Mother in Law....but not that much.  Honestly, it starts like a bad joke.

"Where did the Irish Family go on tax free weekend?"

Bad-dum-bum! oh but it's so true.  There is mega tax on booze in Massachusetts right now, and this year lawmakers decided to free us of that for two whole days.  We said, Great!, got in our buggy and headed to the liquor store.

Honestly, we went there cause we were having a BBQ and wanted to get beer for it.  The trip just turned into a lot more of "shopping" than we intended.  While we were at the store, I wandered, cause lets be honest, I like looking at shiny things.

I usually don't get a chance to browse at the packie.  Hubs and I know what we like (Hubs - Bourbon or Whiskey, Me - Wine or Vodka), grab it, peek at the nips, pay and are out.  But, Saturday, since my mother in law was with us, we were there for a long time.  I was able to take everything in and read all the labels, and I came up with a few questions.  So, I decided...why not blog about my experience and lay the questions on you.  Here they are, in no particular order:

We will start with the nifty little booze collage I made here. Which contains four liquors I had noticed for the first time.
  1. Ed Hardy Wine.  Really? Why does Ed Hardy need to come out with a wine.  He's a clothing designer.  I guess douche-bags need to drink wine too....
  2. Pyrat Rum.  What is the pretty little pendant hanging from the neck of the bottle? Think people take that and wear it as a necklace.  More importantly, why is this called Pyrat Rum and not Buddha Necklace Rum? Just a thought.
  3. Crystal Head Vodka.  Seriously, has designer vodka gone so far that there actually is a demand for $46 vodka in a skull shaped bottle.  Hubs told me it was Dan Ackroid's brand of vodka. Which brings me to another question...What does Dan Ackroid know about Vodka (or Ed Hardy about wine for that matter?).  
  4. Three Olives RangTang Flavored Vodka.  What is RangTang?  Does this have anything to do with Tang Drink mix as I am led to believe it does?? Just curious.
On to our next pictures.  Absolute.  They actually make for cities now.  Don't get me wrong...I love Boston. But, What does Absolute Boston taste like? Dirty Water? What do you mix it with?
I have the same questions about Absolute Brooklyn.  What does it taste like.  Or is it just plain vodka with your city's name on it.  I don't get it.  But I do know that whatever it tastes like, Boston is just better.

Finally, My favorite bottle of liquor!
Remember that movie preview where Liam Nieson yells out "Release the KRACKEN!!"  Hubs and I yell that to each other all the time (cause we are insane).  Look at the name of this one:

Could it be more perfect?

What do you think? Seen anything crazy at the store lately? Liquor or otherwise?


andriarose3 said...

Way too funny!!! It's great you have found an outlet for your amazing writing skills! (not to mention keeping me entertained!) I especially enjoyed I guess douche-bags need to drink wine too...." LMAO!

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