Friday, July 30, 2010

The True Falafel King......

Wednesday, I only worked a until 1:30. The Wednesday that falls the week after we are on call is deemed our post call 1/2 day. Since I get in at 8:30, my "half" day begins at one thirty (and I don't get to take a lunch). I always thought that half of eight was four, but apparently my boss thinks otherwise (my last sarcastic remark about the half day). Anyways, yesterday after I left work I met Hubs for lunch in Boston.

His new lunch obsession is the Falafel King on Winter Street. I have apparently been by this place so many times and would have never noticed it. It's in Downtown Crossing basically across the street from Finagle a Bagel. I should have taken a picture, but at that point, I was concentrating on eating. We went into the little mall area thingy and ordered. Both Hubs and I got the combination Falafel wrap with hummus. I just ordered what Hubs got cause he's the pro at Falafel King. The man who made our sandwiches (I don't know if it was the Falafel king himself or not) gave us each a falafel dipped in hummus to eat while we were waiting. It was DELISH! Once we had our sandwiches we walked down towards South Station to sit in front of Hubs building to eat. They have a nice outdoor sitting area in front of his building because the downstairs houses a Cosi and a Bolocco.
The Falafel King was soooo good! I understand now why hubby loves it so much. I felt so full halfway through eating it, but like with every good vegetarian meal (I've found), it's not a disgusting full feeling.

Eventually, and unfortunately, Hubs had to go back to work. I had decided, instead of rushing home, I was going to go and check out Win-Mil Fabrics and Windsor Button, since I was downtown already. I had pointed out Chauncy Street to Hubs on the way down to his building (after purchasing falafel king), which is where Win-Mil Fabrics is located. He was less than thrilled that I was planning on going down there. He said he really didn't want me going into Chinatown by myself. I said I wouldn't. Truthfully, I didn't go into Chinatown. I think the store was just at the tippity top of Chinatown, and I felt safe. No bubbles.

Win-Mil Fabrics was a bit smaller than I expected. It reminded me of the fabric store that I usually go to in Dorchester, Sew Fisticated Fabrics. There was a large selection of knit prints. I definitely would go back next time I have a knit project to do. The other thing I loved about Win-Mil Fabrics was that in the back, they had a huge display of old patterns for a $1 (or $5 for Vogue). I spent a good 45 minutes there just poking through the patterns. Some of the patterns were really old, and others were more recent. I was looking for a specific Hillary Duff McCalls Pattern I should have bought, and a fun pattern from the eighties for a romper. I didn't find either. But, at least I know that the old patterns are there. I know I'll be back to peruse them again.

After Win-Mil I walked back up towards the common to Windsor Button. Once I turned onto Temple Place I couldn't believe I had never seen this store before. I walked into Windsor Button and my jaw dropped. This store was a candy store for the crafter (where they will never get fat). I took a really long browse around the store. There was tons of yarn, and all the needles that I could ever want. Sewing supplies were abundant, including interfacing and the 3" black elastic I've been relentlessly searching for. I didn't buy anything, but I was super excited. Usually, to get my sewing notions I have to go down to Joanns in Hanover. It's basically a pain because of the traffic on route three. Now that I've been to Windsor Button I never have to go to Joann's for a notion again! Windsor is super convenient too, since Hubs works down the street, and I have to go through Boston everyday to get to and from work.

So excited that I decided to do this little trip on Wednesday. It was super relaxing, and now my mind is filled with wide elastic and the skirts that I can make from it.


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