Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blah, blah, blah

It's 12:05, and I really don't feel like starting anything before I go to the gym at 12:15. I have to go to the gym at exactly 12:15 each day. That's "my" lunchtime. If I'm late I get questioned, if I'm early I get questioned, if I don't use it I get questioned. So, I just go, everyday, at 12:15. Today, I'm thinking I'm ging to work out on the elliptical and read a people magazine. I'm trying to decide on my trousseau (if you will) for my trip to Florida this winter. I want to try sewing all of the clothes I am bringing myself. I looked through my patterns last night and found a bunch of things that I liked, but I'd like to try to make some clothes that might actually be in style. I tried to look at the trends on instyle, but I'm a little afraid to use the internet around here. Here meaning my office. The atmosphere isn't good, especially today, since one of my coworkers gave notice yesterday.

So far, I've come up with the summer trends of Surf, prairie, safari, minimalist and Preppy. I found those on instyle, along with an alphabetically organized list of what's hot (w is for white dress). Though, I'm wondering, if I'm going to Florida during the winter, can I still use summer styles, since it's perpetually warm there....or do I have to wait?


Anne said...

I always wonder does the no white after labor day rule still apply in places where it's summer weather year round? hmmm...

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