Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Five Miler Folly

I signed up a few months ago, at the instance of one of my coworkers to run a 5 miler. I usually run only 3 miles, maybe 4 tops, but figured it was a month or two ahead that I would have time to train for it. Try again. It's on Thursday, this Thursday, and I haven't run five miles in about a month and a half. Up until I signed up for this race I was running three miles at least three days a week. But, for some reason, after signing up for a five mile race I decided it would be a good idea to switch to the elliptical. It started because I was reading a good book and wanted to finish it. Running and reading is just plain dangerous, but reading and the elliptical is a fabulous combination. Once that book was done I started another one, and really couldn't put that down either. I only started running again last week, and I am seriously freaked out for Thursday. Yesterday, I ran 3.5 miles during my lunch break and almost died. I was sweating from every possible orifice of my body. My face was red, and my makeup smeared (I know...that's my fault for running in makeup). It was gross, and it didn't stop after the shower.

Today, I'm going for a practice almost five miler after work with the same co-worker that I'm running the race with. I'm super nervous. I love running, but know myself well enough to admit that I'm not a really good runner. Hopefully, I'll make it through and will be able to update all about it tonight. Maybe I'll even catch a picture of myself in the heat of the run, so you can see with your own eyes how absolutely disgusting I look when I exercise. :)


Anne said...

you can do it!!

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