Thursday, July 15, 2010

Favorites: Guinness

Sometimes, when I really stop to think about it, the last few weeks of my life, really the entire month of July, has been like walking through a tornado (figuratively speaking of course). I can't say that July has been my best month ever. There's been a lot of drama and anxiety, and sadly a few too many tears. Yesterday, one of my co-workers, the only one that is even close to my age, gave his notice. There's only four people in my department. It really didn't help to raise the mood level of the month.

This morning, when I was thinking about what I was going to write about in the blog today, I was just coming up with blanks. I've been doing tons of thinking about sewing, but haven't actually sewed anything for a bit. I'm planning for a big craft marathon this weekend:) Once I got to work, I got a little frustrated and decided to write a blog article about my pet peeves. The first one, and the impetus for the entire article, was going to be when you are in a room and people talk about you like you aren't there. Boy, does that make me wild with anger. After a few minutes, when I cooled down, it just seemed a little too negative of a topic, for a place that I try to keep negativity free. I asked Hubby what I should write about. He said to write another favorites article.

I figured it was a good idea, maybe it would even get me in the positive thinking mood. I thought to myself, what favorite should I write about? During my gym shower I started to think about topics for the favorites article. Maybe I should write about running. I do love running, but this week I've been less than stellar, so I decided to wait. I thought maybe I'd write about ice cream on a cone with jimmies, my perennial favorite summer treat. I've already wrote about ice cream though, so I tossed that idea too. Then I thought "wonder what Guinness is doing at home now"....and struck gold. Guinness!! I had found my article topic! Enlightenment....

Guinness is mine and Hubby's miniature dachshund. To be honest, he's our baby, though most of the world sees him as a dog. I am obsessed with Guinness. He is really the man, and he just brings me so much happiness. Guinness came into our lives 4 years ago, basically right after we got engaged. We had been talking about getting a dog for a long time, and settled on a dachshund because they were perfectly sized for an apartment. Hubby heard that there were a bunch of daschaunds down at the MSPCA in Brockton, so we decided to break into our vacation money and go see about getting a dog.

Hubs went down to the MSPCA while I was working with his mom and sister. There were a bunch of little wiener doggies at the pound, but he fell in love with a tiny black and tan one called Russell. The dog totally didn't know his name yet, and I had always wanted to name my dog Guinness. It was decided, the tiny black and tan doggie was bought, booked for a neutering, and his name changed to Guinness. Hubs and I were the proud parents of a "long little doggie"!

Guinness was so quiet, skinny and scared for the first few months we had him. He had been rescued from a puppy mill, and wasn't treated very well for the first two years of his life. He warmed up to us, and as we found out a little later, became very protective of us and nervous when we weren't around. Because of the nervousness and aggressiveness our little Guinness has been a student at The Pawsitive Dog obedience school in Roxbury for the last three years. It's been expensive.....but it's so been worth it. He's such a calmer dog now.

I honestly, could talk about Guinness for hours. When Hubs and I are at home we have a voice for the dog, and we pretend he's talking to us. He's quite a little character. During the election he was a staunch Obama supporter devising his own rawhide based economics plan (doggie economics) which fueled his desire to vote democratic. Basically, our friends think we are crazy.

Maybe I am crazy, but I swear the dog knows what I'm saying. If he could talk, for real, I know he'd say he's wildly in love with hubs and I. Guins the man. He really is. I just love him to death. And I don't think anyone could argue that the best thing in the world is coming home to someone who loves you unconditionally.....even if that person is a dog (and sits two inches from the ground).


Anne said...

I completely understand this! My family is obsessed with our obsessed! My mom used to get us to sleep at night by telling us that Travis (our golden retriever that passed away when I was 12) only talked to her when we were sleeping. So if we wanted to know what he was saying we HAD to go to sleep! that not normal? Hahaha :)

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