Saturday, July 17, 2010

Put the Lime in the Coconut...

It was hot hot hot in Boston today. Hubs and I have been running the air conditioning non- stop (Guinness insists). We even have an electric fan in the bedroom that we point on us to simulate the perfect sleeping weather. I'm so glad that Hubs pays the bills now, cause I don't think I want to see what we are owing the electric company this month.
This morning I got up and started working in my toilet paper roll project. I had been saving them for months and they were really cluttering up the office. In an effort to clean up that room (it's a constant battle) I figured I'd better just do the damn project already. Last night I measured out one inch sections on each of the rolls and cut them out. I put them in a Macys bag and it looked like craziness.
This morning I really wanted to sleep in, but Guin had other ideas. He really wanted to go out and pee (not in the wet grass, he peed on a flagstone after I literally dragged him off the porch). After our jaunt outside I just couldn't sleep and decided to getup and start making my toilet paper flowers.

I was going to finish putting it together, but my hunger and need for coffee was strong. I had to wake up Hubs.
We got up, got breakfast and decided to go to the mall and pay some of my bills. We always park in front of Nordstroms. I convince him that the lot is less crowded there but it's really just a ploy to walk through the store. I'm pretty sure he sees through my scheme anyways. Today I found a way to walk through the purse section, and I fell in love. Two hundred and ninety five dollars isn't too much when you are talking about love at first site right?

I soooo want that bag for winter.
After the mall Hubs decide it was time to make some sangria and hang out at home for the day. I wasn't arguing. I love sangria and we had bought Lego rockband!!
What a day. Doesn't sound like much, but nothing beats not having to go anywhere on the weekend and just hanging out with the ones you love. Plus, it's a fabulous weekend already and we have a whole other day to look forward to. Nothing can beat that!


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