Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Weekend guys (clap...hands rubbing together), big weekend!

Hubs and I have absolutely no plans this weekend. Praise the Lord!! I've been dying to do some crafty projects lately, but we've been so busy on the weekends. I've attempted to do some sewing during the week before, and it just hasn't worked out well. By the time I get home and eat it's already eight. Hubs usually wants to watch stuff that we have taped on the DVD so that we don't run out of space. Running out of space on our DVR is a constant concern since we are busy and record in HD. After work this week I've been pouring over my patterns and trying to plan out what I want to make for Florida.

This weekend I've decided to have a crafting and sewing marathon! In the sewing portion of the marathon I have two dresses that I've started and never finished. Both dresses are nearly done, but just need a little work. One dress is a casual polka dotted number that I started last year. The other is a pink and white seersucker sundress that I started before we got married. I actually think I started it before we got engaged, which means it's at least four years old. Thankfully I'm basically the same size I was four years ago. I'm pretty sure that the bodice on that dress is completely done and all I need is to sew on the skirt, do the zipper and hem. There was some ribbon detail on the front that I could do, if I so decide. I'm pretty sure I bought the stuff for it. Actually, I still need to hem my paisley dress. I'm going to try out a baby hem on that dress. I saw a tutorial on BurdaStyle (love that site) the other day for a baby hem, and think it will go great with this dress.

Once I FINALLY finish those dresses, I have fabric bought for a pair of canvas shorts. I'll start on those. I also have some sheer fabric that I bought to make an Anthro inspired tank top. I tried to do the tank without a pattern and it just didn't turn out. But, I have a racer back tank top pattern now, so I'm going to try again.

In addition to all the sewing there's a paper craft that I saw on this blog : that I've been saving toilet paper and paper towel rolls for. I'm planning on working on that this weekend too. I have a TON of toilet/paper towel rolls since I've been asking my mom to save them too. Maybe I'll work on marking them out tonight (they all have to be cut to the same measurement) and cutting them into rings. Tomorrow, before the sewing starts I'll glue them up into flowers, and then arrange. I'm thinking I may spray paint them black so that it looks like wrought irons. I'll wait on that though till I see them. I'd imagine it's kinda like naming a baby. You can pick out a bunch of names, but until you see the baby, you can't be completely sure what name will go best for them.

Lots of picture updates to come!


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